Wednesday, November 09, 2016


"Even the President of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked." Bob Dylan

The naked truth about Donald Trump is that he was able to thrive in a divided, fearful, hate-driven country. 

He was bitching that it was a "rigged" election. Who were The Riggers? His supporters. White Riggers, mostly. Meth addicts. Toothless Kentucky and Florida rednecks. Borderline mental defectives with chain saws and guns. Frightened woman-haters. The KKK. Religious fanatics who think a raped woman should bear the child of her psycho-tormentor while THEY spill sperm in men's rooms pretending they aren't gay. 

I could go on. If Donald Trump did STAND NAKED, he would reveal that he's a dick who played on the worst traits of inbred American farmers and farts. 

It's human nature, really, if you're a white man of the Donald Trump variety. You're happy to import foreign whores to be mail-order brides. If one doesn't work out, get another. That they are dumb-ass bitches who can't speak English and have no brains doesn't matter. They let you grab pussy. Ivanka or Melania, or some bimbo named Marla, it's just pussy. Fuck it. Impregnate it. Raise a few inbred monsters who look like you. 

If you're a white man who supports Donald Trump, you are suspicious of foreigners. "Xenophobia" used to be scorned as ridiculous, but some immigrants lately are so self-entitled, obnoxious and downright dangerous, it's no surprise that Trump rose to prominence by screaming, "We'll build a wall." If you pick up a fucking phone in America to dial any business, you're likely to get a recorded message in SPANISH, asking you if you'd like to listen in SPANISH. Who wouldn't be offended when one race refuses to speak English and expects YOU to get a headache listening to jibber-jabber? 

Donald doubled-down on the "Xenophobia" quite easily, because another annoying bunch, the Muslims, have committed almost all the acts of terror in the world. ISIS. Boko Harum. Draw a cartoon and they'll kill you. Be gay and they'll kill you. Be a woman and your genitals get mutilated. Be an ordinary citizen doing good work in San Bernardino, for example, or watching a marathon race in Boston, and you're shot to death or bombed to pieces. No surprise that Trump received huuuuuuge support from pissed off white guys. 

Add good Christian women who think abortion is terrible, but who don't adopt children themselves, and don't care about overpopulation at a time when fish and bees are disappearing and food is becoming contaminated, and rents are soaring and diseases proliferating. To low-rent cunts in Georgia or Tennessee, old-fashioned values involve breeding Christians, not watching packs of Hispanics scuttle around (even if Hispanics tend to be Christian). 

When it comes to standing naked, Donald should explain to us why HE can be protected by air conditioning and limos, while WE suffer, and have to strip down as much as we can. Donald Trump does not believe in climate change. He thinks it's bullshit. That means he'll make sure to push for more filthy coal production and pipelines spilling oil all over the land. He's actually laughed that using aerosol sprays can't damage the ozone layer because they disappear in the room you're in. 

If you ignore Bill Maher's "FBI coup" theory (that in the last weeks they made it seem Hillary was more crooked and corrupt than the average politician), the big reason Clinton lost was because of her moderate views on immigration. She said she'd welcome more Syrians, and she would NOT deport Mexicans, and that Muslims are lovely people. 

She also happened to be an extremely literate, poised, and intelligent WOMAN...which makes toothless Florida rednecks and retarded Pennsylvania coal miners suspicious, and downright hateful. 

Trump moaned that Chicago is being torn by violence, and the poor blacks in the inner cities are being killed. What do you suppose he'll do about THAT? Send in the National Guard and shoot anyone who riots, that's what. He'll look the other way as more and more Americans stock up on assault weapons and murder each other. After all, he thought his two mongrel sons were wonderful when they went to Africa and shot up the wildlife, and posed with a dead tiger and the tail of a murdered elephant. All over the Internet today, writers are predicting all the different ways Trump could make America and the world a living hell. 

I only offer some random thoughts on this, the morning after. As Paul Simon sang it, "No I would not give you false hope on this strange and mournful day." 

To be optimistic about it, we do know that the President usually gets nothing done. He is not a king. Whether it's Nixon, Reagan or the Bushes, certain laws, rules and customs survive. If only by the sheer incompetence of the government, even the best schemes don't reach fruition. So in incompetency there is hope.  

It's possible Trump will not be able to dismantle Obamacare and make life worse for those with physical and mental miseries. It's possible he won't appoint dour religious fanatics to the Supreme Court and overturn the abortion laws. It's quite likely he'll approve lax marijuana laws because a country of pot-headed dipshits will be too stoned to care about the rest of his agenda. Liberals have pointed to a bunch of states legalizing marijuana as a sign "all wasn't lost" on election day. 

So we wait. "Is he REALLY going to build the wall? Is he REALLY going to deport thousands of Mexicans? Is he REALLY going to keep Muslims out of the country? And how is he REALLY going to destroy ISIS without starting World War Three? And what compromises will be make with his buddy Putin?" Some are praying that Trump, who was once a Democrat, will slyly shed his cloak of conservative stodginess. Surely he's used birth control with his whores. He wouldn't want his creepy sons to be stuck with brats they didn't want. MAYBE he'll have an advisor or two who can talk sense to him. After all, his victory speech wasn't the preening, smirking ego-fest you'd expect. He actually had a sense of humor about how half the country didn't vote for him and didn't think he was right for the job. 

America is fractured. It's been fractured but now you can see the break and the blood and the sores and the sinews exposed. Most every election has been close, with close to 50% of the country NOT voting for the man who became President. Dubya Bush slipped by twice. Obama squeaked by twice. Trump didn't really win by much. And so it will be a happy "White Christmas" mostly for conservative, fearful/hateful white people, the ones clinging to family values that they ignore. That includes the anti-gay men who get caught in men's rooms, and all those people who insist guns are for their protection only they end up getting offed by a friend or a relative or even a baby accidentally pulling the trigger on a weapon left nearby. 

Stand Naked and admit that what motivates people is not what they like but what they hate.


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