Sunday, April 09, 2006


It was a year ago this month (April 25th) that Hasil Adkins died at the age of 67. "NO MORE HOT DOGS."

While he recorded much semi-normal rockabilly garage stuff, it's "No More Hot Dogs" that earns him a spot in the Ill Folks Hall of Fame. With maniac laughter Hasil sings about cutting the head off some rockafilly so she can't eat no more hot dogs. You get the idea that just up the road from Adkins was Ed Gein.

A one-man band, Hasil (pronounced Hassle, but called "Haze" by his friends) seemed to live on the cheap, tour on the cheap, and like many a genius savant, got cult status rather than a generous paycheck.

Manic stuff, rockabilly get a whole lotta doo-dahs zipped for your download:

"NO MORE HOT DOGS" and 15 other wild songs from HASIL ADKINS

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RYP said...

thanx Ill Folks for hasil. great post!
very funny: "No More Hot Dogs" ha ha ha ha!
more hasil?