Friday, May 19, 2006


Honor Blackman (see April 19th posting) was the only 60's femme spy to release a whole album: "Everything I've Got." Here's another song to honor Blackman. Plus...
Some contemporaries tried for the singles charts.
Barbara Feldon, known for a sexy growl in hair-care commercials, and then "Get Smart," made references to both via "99."
When Linda Thorson joined The Avengers, sixties in full swing, she swung. Tara King could do one thing better than Emma Peel: sing a pop song. Of course, Emma would never have considered such a thing.
Always the trouper, when Diana Rigg, actress, was required to be nude on stage, she was nude. When she was required to sing, she sang. "Forget Yesterday" was recorded in 1972 during her run in "Jumpers."
And later she sang the number below, "Could I Leave You" in a Sondheim musical.
It's a slim entry because if Anne "Honey West" Francis and Stefanie "Girl from UNCLE" Powers sang, they kept it a secret. Maybe in the shower, only...
Diana Rigg
Linda Thorson


The Baz said...

Many thanks for this...

I finally get to hear my dear Emma Peel sing and what an experience too. On the first line I could tell immediately it was the one and only Diana Rigg!

Though she does quite well, I can see why she didn't take the singing much further. Loved the funky instrumental break... very groovy with the wah wah!

So, a big thanks again for this... always wanted to know what she sounded like singing... and thanks to you, I now know.

And shes still the grooviest of them all for me! ;)

All The Best,

Rom said...

Thanks for this post :-)

julioxo said...

Thanks for the music

The Peanut said...

Emma Peel!!! Oh my god, I'm only 30 years old and missed The Avengers first time around, probably the second and third times too btw, but Ms. Rigg is still the template for beauty in my little head! I adore her! She's still beautiful now you know?

Thanks for reminding me of the good times of long ago, watching Get Smart on Sky Channel at my parents house!

CylonDetector2000 said...

This looks like a great post. Any chance you will be re-uploading?