Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mr. Flood's Party - Horror-Psych Album

A late 60's psych band naming itself after a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson? They would either become the darling of college campuses or an obscurity on the illfolks blog.
This curio is a strange but pleasing mix of CS&N type harmony (most notable on the song "Deja Vu," which is not to be confused with the CSN&Y tune) and most any overwrought psych band of the era. Add a dash of Zappa; the band wasn't averse to drifting off into tongue-in-cheek chant ("Tangerine...tangerine...kiss my tangerine...") or mocking the "Evil Prince of Darkness" with saucy lyrics and a dash of doo-wop.
The best song is the shortest, probably the only one that might've had a shot at being a single. Not a hit single, but a single. It's "Simon J. Stone," which is the only song on the album that references Tilbury Town, where Edwin Arlington Robinson's characters lived in their anguish, chagrins and occasional glory. "Simon J. Stone, you're a good man, what is there left for a good man?" Or an obscure 60's psych band that put an old man on the cover of their album years before "Aqualung."

Join......the party.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought noone cared..I am Rick Mirage, see the back cover. We took that picture on Long Island when it was about 3 degrees. Steve Paley was the photog. It was a great band..didn't have enough time to develop.

George said...

I am not sure how long ago that Rick Mirage left that message but I have been an ardent fan of Mr Flood's Party since 1969. I have worn out two vinyl copies of the album and now have a CD version I bought from some company in Germany. One of the many aspects of this album I liked was Rick's unique guitar work. Does anyone know if he has done anything else?

Zono said...

I met Rick on the beach at Cabo San Lucas. He is teaching school in Southern California. He is still playing music in a duo known as Frederick and Martin. His email is arock403@aol.com if you are interested.