Friday, December 29, 2006


When that greasy doo wop stuff began to give way to protest music, Frankie and his pals made a brief pit-stop into folk-rock. They became a supersized Kingston Trio, with energetic banjos and thumpitty-drums.
Comfy pop accounted for the hit single "Silence is Golden" but mainly it's "Where Have all the Flowers Gone," "A Ballad of Our Time," "Searching Wind," etc. The real find: "New Town" written (but not recorded) by Phil Ochs. That song, and the failure of the foursome to succeed in the folk medium, puts this superstar group on the obscure pages of the illfolks blog.
FRESH LINK: Take off the tux. Strap on a Guitar

UPDATE: This file expired from lack of interest. (OK, this was before JERSEY BOYS turned upon Broadway, but don't expect a re-up any time soon.)


Ill Folks said...

Re-upped the link Jan 10th. Folks, please leave a comment on a blog if there is a problem. Often the host has no idea until told!

pixelmutt said...

How did I miss this!?

Thank you Mr Folks.

Dmitry said...


Can't download this file, it seems the Rapidshare link is out of date.
Could you please upload it once again?

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