Monday, January 29, 2007

Pre-Kate Bush: Mellow MALAMET

Aside from opera sopranos, only Kate Bush became famous with a voice that hit wuthering heights. Marsha Malamet, after all, is not a household word. Marshmallow, yes. Mallomars, yes. Marsha Malamet, no.
Some 6 or 8 years B.B. (before Bush), Marsha issued her lone album "Coney Island Winter," with a suitably bitter picture of her on the inside. Somewhere too far East of Judy Collins, North of Carolyn Hester, South of Julie Budd and North by Northwest of Buffy Marie the Saint, Malamet got lost.
The album is as obscure as "The Goodbye People," the failed Milton Berle-Brenda Vaccaro Broadway play about a guy trying to open a beverage stand in Coney Island, in winter. Herb's play wasn't bad, and it's possible if Marsha looked more like Kate Bush, she would've floated a while longer, like a decorative marshmallow in hot cocoa.
Malamet later co-wrote "Love Don't Need a Reason" with Peter Allen (not that there's anything wrong with that), and she's become a yenta who'll sing that song any time anyone asks, and they do, at various gay fundraiser events.
The chosen song is nowhere near the schmaltz level of Peter Allen. It's what Kate Bush might've done if she was more into Judy Collins. Note the effectively self-conscious solo piano work and how the orchestration colors itself into the mix. It's winter. Her voice will give you a bit of a chill. And "I Don't Dare" should never be a final answer if you've got a dream. Decca thought enough to sign her, and on this blog of the forgotten, this miss's near-miss is not misbegotten.

Malamet sings I DON'T DARE Do you? Instant Download. No codes, forwarding links or ads.


Marsha Malamet said...

Well, I don't know who I'm writing to, but that's OK, here goes.
My name is Marsha Malamet, Yes the pre-Kate Bush Marsha Malamet, Yes the yenta, Marsha Malamet. (I guess you've Jewish)
I should thank you for a very interesting blog. I am alive and well living here in Los Angeles, CA. And to think that people bought my record 35 years ago! I think there were about 10,000 sold. If you Google me, you will see that I have had a busy career in songwriting, and was nominated for a Grammy.
You can check out some cuts on my upcoming 'out' 3rd CD and a extensive bio on

Ill Folks said...

Hi Marsha, your album still resonates. It still revolves at 33 1/3rd on the illfolks turntable, too.

I love the new songs on your myspace page. The chilled New Yorker is now a smiling Californian, and the voice that was once high and vulnerable is now mature, expressive, and able to render a rich array of emotional textures.

Folks, Marsha has one of those myspace blogs that has a neat little jukebox so you can hear full songs, and I hope you give her a click and listen to these new numbers.

Cheerios, and Joyva Jells! And Joyva Marshmallow Twists, 2 for 5 cents.

Unknown said...

Marsha , your some great songs will live long and it was great hearing from you you will go on to bigger and better things you go Girl