Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BOB DILDYN RADIO THEME HOUR #2 -- Butt Fuckin' & Shit

"What looks large in the distance, close-up ain't never that big. Except a woman's ass."

So says Bob Dildyn, as he muses through an x-rated hour Zimmy wouldn't touch at X-M Satellite radio.
Besides rude intros and raunchy songs, there's the "celebrity interview," this time, a crude Q&A cut-in with PAUL SIMON!

Dylanesque rambles on anal sex and "all kinds of crap" plop between songs like:
"Fuckin' in the Butt." "River of Shit," "Oops I Farted Again" (Britney Spears), "Toilet Love," "Keepin' Your Poop in a Jar" "Poop on My Pee," "Shishkebab," and "Uranus Is Out Tonight." Some foul songs are quickly dumped in for 20 or 30 seconds, like "Dogshit in my Garden," "Farting Fool" and some maniac Jamaican screaming "Somebody pooped!" Which is balanced by a demure British gal warbling "You're full of shit...full of shit."
Bob Dildyn's most ardent follower, A.J. Weberfuck, has allowed illfolks to post the show here (since his own blog is even more obscure than this one) but asks that anyone who also wants to use it, post this original link and don't re-up it as your own. That's so that A.J. can keep track of how popular (or unpopular) the Theme Hour is, and add the info to his huge and pointless dossier on his idol, the elusive Mr. Dildyn.
This is for ill "parental guidance" is suggested. As if "Butt Fuckin' and Shit" didn't give you an idea of how down and dirty Dildyn is...

Update for those who missed the first show:
"VAGINA" is still running.


Joel Thomas said...

Funny funny stuff.
Any chance you could repost the first episode? I'm a new reader to your blog, and I missed it the first time around.

Ill Folks said...

#1 was "THE VAGINA"

I think it's still running!

Evil Hairy said...

Hey I do a internet radio show and would like to use this as I do some funny shows but this one brought me to my knees, I will give all credit to Illfolks and such.

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just added even more different emo backgrounds in my blog