Thursday, November 29, 2007

LIZZIE WEST "I'M YOUR MAN" leonard cohen

A lesbian version of "I'm Your Man" by a woman named Lizzie. Make up your own pun.
Lizzie is a 30-something who hasn't made much of a name for herself because she refuses to be pegged to any particular genre. The Brooklyn-born singer has a varied resume of achievements...songs used in movies (like "Secretary") and as background for various TV shows (including "Alias" and "Everwood").
At 30, she signed with Warners and seemed on the road to huge success. Now she's just on the road a lot, with her band Baba Buffalo. She'd rather do it her way...coming up with original songs that can be edgy or country, and lyrics that can be very original or a bit like those of her idol Leonard Cohen.
And here she is, either ready for gender-bending fun with some metrosexual male, or getting butch with some bitch, covering Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man." Which brings us back to the title of this entry. How amphisbaenic.

LIZZIE WEST Instant download or listen on line. No pop-ups pop-unders or porn ad blunders.

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