Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beatles + Beverly Hillbillies = Jerry Inman

The humble ol' guitarist Ace Tipton recalls that Jerry Inman "never quite made it to the big time but recorded a Beatles album that done quite well. Jerry was like a wind up jukebox when I met him. He knew every country song there was and could sing them non-stop for hours. Jerry passed away some time ago due to stomach problems of which he fought for years."
In 1968, following the Beatles covers album, Jerry was voted "Most Promising Male Vocalist" at The Academy of Country Music Third Annual Awards Show. He managed to get himself onto the "Glen Campbell Good Time Hour" in May of 1969 singing "Mississippi Woman." But, that's not why you're reading this.
What you want, is to hear how a bluegrass picker can scramble-up a damn frisky version of "I've Just seen a Face," recalling the banjo stylings used by Flatt & Scruggs (who made The Beverly Hillbillies theme a hit). Jerry's singing is ok, but it's the C&W arrangement that makes it great. We cool down with another track from Jerry's all-Beatles album, a croon of "And I Love Her."
For the record, the record's JERRY INMAN- R.F.D.- (Lennon & McCartney Country Style). He also released "You Betchum!" for Elektra in 1976. His last chart action was a cover of "Why Baby Why" in 1978. Cool stuff; Jerry's music was in, man.

2 C&W Beatles Covers


CarolynA said...

not on the subject of this post, but ... came across your blog, and was delighted to see Paul the Puffin announcing the MP3 links! Harks back to the early a.m. cartoon days for you?

Anonymous said...

Two time winner of the best Country guitarist of the year award. His version of From Me to You is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
Tom W.

Ill Folks said...

Congratulations,'re the first to mention him, and the site went up more than two years ago!

Nobody ever asked "who or what IS the illfolks bird?"

To my knowledge, Paul was never animated, so I like to think that I've helped him live a little, in a different way than his storybook.

Oddy said...

you can see Jerry lurking arund in the background with the Gene Davis Band on some of the old Star Route clips (from 1964) with the Collins Kids, Glen Campbell, etc.. he'd left the group for a time and Bobby Durham had replaced him, but he still pops up in a few.

Later led the house band at the Palomino Club in the mid 70s, and yes he's an a Clint Eastwood film from that era in a bar scene ... he was all over LA in the 60s and 70s.


Oddy said...

p.s. cool post, thanks

polkadot544 said...

does anyone know where jerry inman is buried? any information at all
will be very appreciated.
thanks dottie

Anonymous said...

Jerry was my uncle, did'nt really know him well because he and my aunt Shirley divorced when I wes little. My cousin Scotty misses him dearly.

Anonymous said...

Polkadot544, Jerry is buried in Texas. He was my brother in law.

Unknown said...

JI was a great guy, loved to watch him perform. He was great friends with my steo dad and would visit often when playing at the Palomino. RIP JI