Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fresh Updates, Upgrades and Gravybread

The illfolks blog has a two-star rating by Gravybread. This is high by their standards, since most blogs just get a mention. Humility prevents dwelling on this, but with a double star rating comes a lot of the items that even die-hard fans of cult music and the obscure allowed to die.
You can pretty much wander anywhere in the blog and always find plenty of live well as links that have been re-upped with a higher bit-rate or via a better quality of vinyl.
Among the items that have been refurbished:

Here's a Pitiless Eight Pack

Dozens of rockabilly weird Hasil Adkins songs, including his head-chopping "No More Hot Dogs" cackle. HERE

13 Cool Ghoul Zacherley novelty songs. HERE

Trannies! Spike Jones transcription 78's HERE

For details on any of the above files, just pop a keyword into "search blog" at the top, and you'll be taken to the old post.

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