Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ill-Ustrated Songs #17 "DIRTY MAGGIE MAY" Vipers Skiffle Group Pre-Beatles

"Dirty Maggie May...she'll never walk down Lime Street anymore..." What happened to the rest of "Maggie May" on The Beatles' "Let it Be" album? Why didn't they complete it? Maybe Lennon figured everybody knew the song so well he didn't need to go on. John and his friends knew The Vipers Skiffle Group version by heart. Download it and you will, too.



psb said...

this is priceless! thanks very much!

Timmy said...

I know that Ian Whitcomb recorded a version of "Maggie Mae" Is it on this? I must download to find out, HOW FUN!

Ill Folks said...

Timmy, there was no mention of Ian Whitcomb in the write-up.

Don't you hate blogs where your search is a waste of time because somebody just mentions an artist and song as part of some dumb list, and there's no real insight or link?

That ain't FUN!

"The Awful Tale Of Maggie May" is a 99 cent download from Amazon. The song is on his album "You Turn Me On! Ian Whitcomb's Mod, Mod Music Hall"