Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FASCINATIN' ROTTEN - 3 Tunes You'll Love to Hate Galens Tammy Grimes Cleo Laine

If you've actually had a bad day, the LAST SONG you'd ever want to hear is "You've Had a Bad Day."
The only thing worse than hating that song, is finding yourself humming it. ("Quick, find me a therapist...why the fuck am I humming a song I absolutely LOATHE??")
Other known irritants include "Who Let the Dogs Out" and "Achy Breaky Heart," but it does get complicated, doesn't it? A song you hate, begins to grow on you, and you actually begin to like it.
Coincidentally enough, exactly three years ago, January 19, 2007, this blog offered you two dozen examples of songs that fascinate and infuriate, sometimes at the same time

Here are three more:

"Baby I Do Love You" by The Galens.
What kind of percussion is this? A musical saw being smacked repeatedly over the head of a bald retard? Like a throbbing headache, it doesn't go away even as the clumsy male vocalists start moaning like conscious-stricken Auschwitz prison guards. Finally, in come The Galens being oh so coy and cute with their zombie-like affirmations of ever-lasting love. Fascinating once. Infuriating twice.
"I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" by Tammy Grimes.
Why in the world begin with a rendition of "La Marseillaise?" To piss off the French? Is that a French accent, Tammy? It sounds more like a Japanese chipmonk. "The Caissons Go Rolling Along" somehow is thrown into this, too. This thing may have been recorded around the time of "Winchester Cathedral," but that's really no excuse for something that's as campy as a concentration camp is. And the wah-wah trumpet...WTF?
"Birdsong" by Cleo Laine.
This bird-brained tune begins harmlessly enough, with a very dated 70's synth throbbing incessantly in the right and left speakers, just to let you know you paid a dollar extra for STEREO. But 52 seconds in, and you get the worst cliche of scat-singing...nothing but brain-numbing doodly-doodly dee's and doo's. DOH! "A little bird came along," Cleo explains. She adds, "Chirp chirp chirp!" in case you don't get it. Next, more cock a doodle do's. How many sloe-gins did she fizz in order to make you reach for the Alka Seltzer? It's called "scat" for a good reason. If you can make it through this song entirely, you're a more tolerant man than I am, Dunga Gin.
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