Friday, March 19, 2010

Ksenija Pajcin Serbian Murder-Suicide. Yugo Go-Go Girl Gone

Every country has its trashy scandals and greasy heartbreak, and on March 16th, it was time for slavic pop fans to suffer...losing their raunchy rude superstar Ksenija Pajcin, aka Xenia.

Ksenija was prime Belgrade-A meat when, at the tender and juicy age of 20, she released her first album titled "Too Hot to Handle." This 1997 effort was matched a few years later by "Extreme," but you know how quickly fame goes, even with outrageous superstars who aren't camera shy. By 2006, and pushing 30, she was pushing a "Best Of" compilation, and some were thinking she'd settle down and stop showing her ass on bad disco dance TV shows (sample below).

She settled down literally, on March 16th, thanks to her hotheaded boyfriend Filip Kapisoda, a clothing model who was 10 years younger than his famous femme fatale. Reports are that he gunned her down and then turned the weapon on himself. The latter part would be justified on looks alone...Google a photo of him and you'll see he's close to Frankenstein, a big, gruesome bony-face who could only be considered handsome in the twisted world of high-fashion.

Since you have no idea who Ksenija Pajcin was, the audio download and video download will enlighten you...not just to her, but to what's going on all over the (barely) civilized world. America's influence dictates that even in the most unlikely places, and in the harshest of languages, the women are going to attempt to sing and move like Madonna and wild and crazy guys will ludicrously posture like Biggie Smalls.

In the video download, a tranny-esque and trendy Ksenija does silly aerobic exercises that pass for dance while she Shakira-shakes her ass. Meanwhile a moronic Serbian dude does those retarded rap-star finger gestures while sullenly showing off his medallions and tough-guy threads. Ooh, so Amerr-eee-konn!

It seems that every country's pop acts look the same, and sound the same; imitation American. The only difference is the varying degrees of hipness and ineptitude they display in trying to be USA-cool. Vocally, a problem is sometimes the ugliness of the native languages, and how the harsh words trying to be rapped or uvulated ala Beyonce end up sounding more like backed up storm drains and faulty bidets.

It's also sad that "superstars" in all countries can be so immature and idiotic that they take themselves way too seriously, leading to overdoses or violent death. Take a look at this babe. What a waste. It's a sad demise for Lady Yugo, a yummy bit of soft-Serb dessert. I'm sure she probably won a lot of awards in her native country, which is Serb-prizing. Now? Yugo, girl, six feet down.

"Vestica" a SAMPLE SONG by Ksenija Pajcin
"Skorpija" VIDEO (avi file): Ksenija sings a song and shakes her can on Euro TV


olivija said...

What Xenia was doing and where she was showing her ass off is her business... and of her fans if she had any and I guess she did...
You should have at least a minimum of respect for deceased people without writing pointless and retarded articles on them.

Obviously, you have some issues with Serbs in general;
no need of sharing your crappy attitude in this kind of blog- just keep it for yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. If you don't write what fans want you to write, then don't write anything!

You are not entitled to your opinion. If you have a sense of humor keep it to yourself or risk OFFENDING someone.

You obviously have issues with Serbs. Especially the stupid in-bred ones that probably smell of onions and have hairy upper lips (female) or a sloppy slit between their legs (male).

We expect a lot better from a blog called ILLFOLKS! You have been warned. If you don't shape up you will be taunted again, and the next time, with sarcasm.

Ill Folks said...

I guess Bob Dylan was right. No matter who you are, you gotta Serb somebody.

No, I have no issues with Serbs. They just have a great name for puns.

Anybody can write an obit. The point of a blog is to express opinions and observations. Mine is that Xenia, and so many others, are totally influenced by US and/or UK artists and should explore their own ethnicity instead of becoming a parody of Madonna or somebody from American Idol. Second observation, it's just sad when a beautiful woman dies for strumming the chords of fame or having a relationship with an asshole.

The piece was not "pointless," although it may have displayed a "crappy attitude." When Xenia or any other entertainer performs in public, it's no longer "her business," she's publicizing herself and the downside is that there will be critics and comments for good or bad.

As for anonymous, at least you're not "SEXY" with links to Chinese porn. I never said Serbs smell of onions. Or elderberries! But this can happen if the mother or father was a hamster, you silly English kaaaaa-nikkit!

olivija said...

@ Anonymous

First I never said I was a fan of Xenia.

I'll hit immediatelly on the onion issue...

Take a walk in Knez Mihailova in Belgrade and observe who smells on onion and has a hairy legs.

Balkan people in general and Serbs in particular are stumningly gorgeous in any comparison with what you see in e.g. UK or US.

On the other hand, onion & garlic are much better for health than regular dope and drugs certain breds of people are taking in (not to mention McDonalds junk & Coca-Cola !!!)

ALSO it helps development of brain and restauration of degenerated brain cells.
So I am happy to recommend it!!!

@ III Folks
I think you should do a greater study on Bob Dylan before you attempt to citate him.

If you have a Serb beside you, you should consider yourself a lucky person.
Don't buy easily all those shits that Western media is selling you all since the Balkan war. Most of time that is total crap and all lies.

Fine, just I am not seeing the correlation between her professional choice and relationship with that guy (or with what has happenned to her!!!)

Any women dating actively had at some point an asshole or retard; just those smarter kicked him out on timely basis, that is before it was too late...

Ill Folks said...

As I should've known from my U-Nee post, I get nowhere with the "English as a second language" bunch, who miss some of the wordplay and humor. Illfolks also has the habit of adding some levity to obits, which can be disconcerting. Not every funeral involves people relating funny anecdotes about the deceased, as agony and tears is often the better purge.

The main points: first, it's sad that women so often date idiots, and second, that people who barely have lived at all, take thing so seriously and foolishly they kill themselves (and others) over matters that don't matter that much at all. Third: rather than do second-rate imitations of American or British music, it's not a bad idea to simply be original.

I get it: The folks in Belgrade wanted a Madonna clone who speaks their language, just as white people desperately wanted to enjoy rap but with a Vanilla Ice or Eminem doing it, or in the 60's Americans wanted a cuddlesome French babe who didn't speak French but used a semi-understandable French accent (Claudine Longet). We all sometimes want to borrow from another culture. Yes, Xenia's music and can-shaking were, on that level, not too far from Madonna or Shakira.

As for "I think you should do a greater study on Bob Dylan before you attempt to citate him." I have no idea what that means. Maybe it refers to a rough draft of a song that once began "Ring them Belgradians…" or "Yugo your way and I go mine." Or the aforementioned "You Gotta Serb Somebody."