Sunday, September 19, 2010


We're coming up to a few key dates in the life and death of Ronnie Barker, OBE. There's his birthday (September 25, 1929) and his death day (October 3rd 2005).

Adept at all varieties of verbal comedy (from monologues, limericks and Spoonerisms to such obvious devices as wacky accents and even stuttering), Ronnie Barker was beloved from his supporting bits ("The Frost Report" in 1966) to his solo shows ("Ronnie Barker Playhouse" and "Hark at Barker" in the late 60's) to his near two decades as half of "The Two Ronnies." During the run of "The Two Ronnies" he also starred in two classic sitcoms with a supporting cast, "Porridge" and "Open All Hours." Barker was also not given quite enough credit as a master of visual humor, with a great range of characters to his credit, even if his stocky frame did not lead him to the frantic acrobatics one expects of a "physical" comedian. "Futtocks End" anyone? (A silent comedy he made in 1970!)

As one might expect, Ronnie Barker was more than willing to step behind a microphone in a sound studio and join the illustrious ranks of Spike Milligan, Marty Feldman and Kenneth Williams in singing odd songs. Your download offers two odd numbers on one mp3 file, the eccentric and upbeat "Billy Pratt's Bananas" and the wry and sly "Not Round Here."

Two songs by the one RONNIE BARKER Instant download or listen on line. No pop-unders, porn ads, or premium account sale attempts from pimp-like file hosting "services."


Hazy Dave said...

Always something obscure and cool around here... Old William Claude himself was something of an underrated stockily framed physical comedian, as well, IMO. Though the "overweight" people of yesteryear look positively svelte by today's standards!

Anonymous said...

That's true! Fields hardly seems fat when you compare him to guys who died young, like John Candy and Chris Farley.

There's also no comparison between Oliver Hardy and John Pinette (the guy who caused the jailing of the cast of "Seinfeld" after they failed to help him in that final two-part episode).