Thursday, June 09, 2016

"Mr Sandman" in Swedish! (Looking for ABBA? Siw Me!)

"The World is Saved," to quote a Stina Nordenstam song. Why? The ABBA bunch re-united at a PRIVATE party. Somehow, this news was greeted with great glee, and a blurry photo posted on their Farcebook page (or was it Twatter or Instagrab) was re-posted all over the Net. No, it's doubtful they will tour (Agnetha being especially phobic), it's doubtful they could write anything as moronic as they did in their youth, and why bother when Swedish meatballs in their own country would make sure it was given away as free downloads?

However, to celebrate this exciting moment, which had me feeling especially tired and sleepy, here's a perky version of "Mr. Sandman" in Swedish. It was probably much appreciated at the time, as Sweden is often dark and gloomy for long stretches of the day, and they breed platinum blonds so that any ray of sun will reflect off their heads and help light the streets.

Siw Malmkvist, now 79, first achieved fame representing Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960. Adept at German, she later represented West Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969.

Over the years Siw expanded from pop singer to stage star, appearing in a variety of roles, including "Sugar" (the musical version of "Some Like it Hot") and "Nine" (the musical inspired by "8 1/2"). Just a few years ago, she and Thorsten Flinck (who surely needs no introduction here) had a hit with her Swedish version of "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (originally from Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue).

Siw has recorded hundreds of tunes in Swedish and in German (and a few other languages as well). Once in a while a slab of her vinyl has turned up in America and if the price is right, I'll buy it. So far, I have one of her albums.

Yes, this is an original rip from that vinyl. Enjoy this quickie! Wham, bam, Thank You, Malmkvist!

SIW sings! MR. SANDMAN IN SWEDISH Download or listen on line. No pop-ups or porn ads.

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