Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ZIP A DEE ZIPPY SHARE - Viley Virus and Malware - Are you Pissed?

    “Viley Virus” makes an appearance on the Blog of Less Renown. Why? Just an excuse to run "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" in "tribute" to ZIPPYSHARE and the others who are SO nice and generous in offering illegal files and...too often...illegal spyware, malware, and links that can get YOU very PISSED OFF.

    Briefly, we’ll acknowledge that Viley was once “Hannah Montana” and beloved among the girls who didn’t need to shave in order to have a hairless twat. She sang Disney songs, but after puberty trashed her image and became white trash. This broke the “achy breaky heart” of her daddy, who may have performed the worst song in the history of C&W music.

    The rest, as they say, is misery. But the reason for bring up Viley Virus, which is like bringing up a pound of snot-coated puke, is because of the operative phrase ZIP A DEE DOO DAH. Zippy the Pinhead and his pals (you know their blogs) not only do NOT care about the musicians, music sellers, or keeping our Capitalist economy strong, they do NOT care about YOU. 

    All Zippy and his pals want are "nice" comments. It makes him think he's in show biz.  It makes him think he's as "famous" as the children who scrawl their graffiti tags on walls. Some monkey spray paints AF-709 on a building and is proud of it. And Zippy is delighted to get a "thank you!" and "you're so generous!" from anonymous greedheads who chortle "it's better than paying for music." Zippy wouldn't exactly go up to Clapton and say "Hey, I have your entire discography on my blog via Zippyshare." Would he? No, because Clapton wouldn't say "oh, thank you for sharing." 

    Don't think I'm talking about a particular pinhead in mentioning Zippy, or one particular company when I mention Zippyshare. The Zip a Dee Doo Dah here applies to hundreds upon hundreds of idiot bloggers and a dozen companies that either add some malware to your download or try and trick you into downloading shit via a pop-up ad or a sneaky "click here for your download" link that leads you to some bogus warning. Like:


     Look familiar? 

     They're all ads that turned up from one particular popular sharing service. But all of them play games. They're paid by thugs, Communists and criminals to coat a file in spyware, or trick you into clicking a link to update your Flash, or send you off to a gaming site full of crap to download or a site that will put you in touch with "lonely, willing, beautiful" girls in your neighborhood just desperate to meet you. 

     You can make up your own mind as to when "sharing" becomes stealing. You can decide whether that record store should be forced out of business because of cheap, childish assholes who could buy legit mp3 files and CDs but would rather get their kicks being "pirates" and blogfarters. Yeah, there's a question on whether in this era where needles and turntables are scarce, it isn't simply convenient to swap files on out of print vinyl...knowing that doing so will lessen the chance of a quality CD release with bonus tracks. 

     What ISN'T up for debate is that using Zipperdick, Deposit Crap, Kimshare and the others CAN end up pissing you off when you get a virus. The "nice" person who "shared" by upping the file, and for whom English is a second language, won't really care. If you aren't saying, "Love you, you are SO generous with other peoples' property" he isn't interested.  

         The Zipper heads full of greed, avarice and a secret jealousy and hatred of famous people and successful businesses? Call it karma if they get a VILE VIRUS. It's a sticky situation…even stickier than Miley Cyrus’s urine-smelling twat. 

ZIP A DEE DOO TWAT    Instant download or listen on line. No Zinfart passwords, malware or spyware anywhere.

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Rev Watt said...

Thank you for your repeated protests about free music You wrote: 'You can make up your own mind as to when "sharing" becomes stealing.'
I don't believe in a god that tells people to vote Khameini or Pence, but there is simple Truth and ethics even an agnostic can agree is sacred. Are you in any way involved in producing the song? If not, posting it IS stealing from the producer, no "deciding," case closed.
PS. Bono.