Thursday, October 19, 2017


    This post is ripped (off) from today’s headlines!  

    A few days ago, the media was raving about The Feud of the Androgynes...Miley Cyrus-faced flat-chested Justin Bieber vs aging doll-crotched zombie mannequin Marilyn Manson. What caused it? Well, Manson has a new album and needs to generate publicity. Having a giant gun fall on him on stage wasn’t enough.

    Marilyn figured Justin Bieber wearing his face on a shirt was exploitive. Sort of the way combining the names Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson are exploitive. Only HERE, Bieber was trading in on the fame of somebody not dead or in jail, but very capable of walking into a bank and expecting to find royalties.

    Bieber wasn't just wearing Manson's face. He was SELLING the shirt with his own slogan on the back, "Bigger than Satan." When Manson complained, Bieber smirked, “I made you relevant again!” 

    Manson recalled it was a “bad mistake to say to me. He was a real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that.” Especially since Bieber had no legal right to use Manson’s image. Sure, in the BLOG WORLD, this would seem like “Freedom of Speech.” In truth, “copyright” means that you don’t have the RIGHT to COPY without permission, and “intellectual property” means you can't expect dumbass morality to save you in court. Why didn’t Bieber understand this? “I don’t know,” said Manson, “because I don’t (understand) the mind of a squirrel.”

    Bieber’s dandruff was on Manson’s shirt. And NO MONEY. Millennials have a LOT of money. Maybe it’s because they steal all the music, movies, tv shows and books via download, and only spend cash on CLOTHING. Bieber’s t-shirt: $195. For a t-shirt. Even Trump couldn't afford the sneakers or the "Smell like a Sweaty Bieber" cologne.

    Manson was angry. Angry enough to punch The Bieb on the beezer? “I don’t like to fight with girls,” said Marilyn, “so I don’t wanna fight Justin Bieber.” He added that Bieber is a little guy: “...dick height on me, ok? Alright? So stand down, son.”

    The happy ending: Manson says he “took all the proceeds from those shirts.” Which is doubtful, considering creative accounting, and how much MORE money has been spent on knock-offs sold on eBay and through Facebook "suggested post" ads. 

    Oh what a lovely top. And below, JEANNE HAYES and THE DELLWOODs singing about a King of Scurf….and lover baby's shirt with dandruff on it, which originally appeared on the “Mad Twists Rock ’n’ Roll” album circa 1962.  


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