Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Ill-Ustrated Songs #40 An Octopus Downtown for Petula

Do you want an octopus hanging around in your garden? Do you want to go DOWNTOWN just to visit an aquarium? Did Petula Clark keep an octopus in a tank in her home, and did she haul it out for inspiration when she attempted to improve on something or other Tony may have Hatched for her? 

None of these questions are answered in the mash-up below. It's just...something ILL for you to enjoy. Most mash-ups are pointless, aren't they? So what, so two songs are in the same key, or have the same tempo. That's not really much of a surprise, is it? But if the mix somehow evokes something different...like a downtown octopus's garden...well, it's worth a listen. At least once. 

Your Pet Octopus is waiting... listen online or download to "get it" and "dig it" - Cheers! Enjoy!

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