Monday, July 09, 2018

Want to Annoy Someone? Play: DUM PAPA TOO TAH TAH

      Fight BACK! Are you tired of stupid twats like Cardi B talk-singing their awful rap singles? Tired of jerks passing by in a car and blasting Drake, Pusha T and Childish Gambino? Do you NOT appreciate Ed Sheeran, or "oldies" stations that assail you with Shitney Spears, bay-bee bay-bee? Do you hear Shitney Houston, and think "I-ee-I-ee-Iee I-ee will always HATE you?" 

      Don't get mad. Get even. Get that boom box out of the closet. Convert the mp3 below onto cassette. And go out there and DUM PAPA TOO TAH TAH 'em.

    Among the many irritating tunes of the 50's doo wop era, which segued into stupid nonsense syllable pop in the early 60's, “Dum Papa Too Tah Tah” just MIGHT be the worst. It’s beyond repetitive. It’s beyond repetitive. It’s beyond repetitive. It’s the work of Sonia Von Ever, Sheila Von Ever and Renee Von Ever, who I guess pronounced their last name the French way: “Von Errr.” As ’The Vonnair Sisters,” they briefly recorded for that sadist of sweetness, Walt Disney. 

    Disney’s Buena Vista label was home to Annette Funicello, and she used The Vonnair Sisters a few times for backing vocals. The sisters recorded five singles on their own before spooning into the sugar bowl of obscurity. “Dum Papa Too Tah Tah” was the B-side to their 1961 debut single, “Beach Love.” Another try, in 1962, is the rather prophetic “Watch Out For Don.” That song Trumps some of their other obscurities, such as “Luscious Lucius" and “Blame it On My Mouth.” The sisters are so obscure that “Mouse Tracks,” an entire book about Walt Disney recordings, barely offers ONE PARAGRAPH about them.

    It takes one solid minute before these twats sing anything but “Dum Papa Too Tah Tah.” Later they explain that they have a language all their own, and this phrase somehow translates as “I am his and he is mine.” The choice is YOURS: endure Millennials, ethnic dance music, pop tarts, countrypolitan saps in cowboy hats and rappers...or say VENGEANCE IS MINE! DUM PAPA TOO TAH TAH!!!

DUM PAPA TOO TAH TAH - instant listen online or safe download - no creepy server asking you to "update your flash" or take you to a spyware site

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