Sunday, June 29, 2008

Man Enough To Steal MARCIA WALDORF

"I always wanted a man like you....oh yeah...who ain't afraid to take what he wants. And wants what he takes. You don't have to beg for what you're man enough to steal. I don't have to run from what I'm woman enough feel...."

Yes. The anti-Helen Reddy. Complete with "river overflowin'" imagery.

Yet the 1975 Marcia Waldorf album "Memorandum" (Capricorn) was the beginning and the end, and she joins the illfolks list of Patti Dahlstrom, Harriet Schock and Brenda Patterson as another smart, Southern-tinged singer who deserved a little more attention than she got.

Her album, like those of the aforementioned femmes, has some catchy, tasty tunes. She knew her way around a musical hook...and still does. Her profession these days is to hook odd, catchy products and do "product placement" for them in high profile catalogs. HUH? Ok...let's say you've created a novel item like the "Miracle Duster Glove" the "BagTote" or "Lintaway," or "Golf Foam" or "Restore-a-Drain" or the "E-Z-Lift Turkey Transport." How do you get your product into a mail order catalog? Why, through Marcia, that's how. She placed all those products via her "Direct Response and Multi-Media" marketing company, Waldorf-Crawford. She's also produced and written infomercials for a variety of companies and products, including Dermacia, Murad Acne and Hydroderm.

So not everyone who made an album (or two) and left the business is all that upset. There are a lot of other ways to be creative and earn a buck. And if you want just a little more of Marcia, there's her duet with Tim Buckley on "I'd Recognize Your Face," which you can find on the Buckley album "Sefronia."

No, you don't have to beg. Not in this era of free downloads. But if you like "You Don't Have to Beg For What You're Man Enough To Steal," get the rest of the vinyl from your local record store or a starving eBay seller. Recycling vinyl is good for the ecology. PS, you can clean dirty vinyl with "Zap" janitorial supplies, another client of the reinvented Ms. Waldorf.

MARCIA WALDORF Instant download or listen on line. No pop-ups or porn ads.

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