Saturday, August 19, 2006


Here's a G.E. Smith song with Paul Simon on backing vocals. Even most Paul Simon fans don't know about this rarity. In fact, if you listen closely, you can hardly hear him in the mix. But he's there, and that's part of the quirk on this obscure but catchy tune.
Thanks Jim Delehant (Hit Parader/rock mogul) for handing this to me one day. Many days ago.
G.E. Smith was the somewhat crazed-looking guitarist leading the "Saturday Night Live" band (1985-95). He also married Gilda Radner, worked with Dan Hartman and toured with Hall and Oates. That's probably the best way for George to have handled those folks.
Smith's stinging guitar is very evident on this track, but the guy was capable of other guitar stylings, having co-written the metal-moron "Wayne's World" theme song.


Anonymous said...

Damn.. I've been looking for this song for ages and it's already been taken off.. Please re-post. I've not heard this one in over 15 years!!!

Ill Folks said...

Thanks...I've brought G.E. back to light.

Switched to a more stable share service.

Anonymous said...

thank you. this is pretty topical with all the "arm the teachers" talk.