Wednesday, August 09, 2006


"Mrs. Peel, We're Needed...on the Ill Folks Blog again!"
Gracing us with an obscure gem, Diana Rigg sings Sondheim! It's not easy for even the best singers to handle the bravo for this appealing performance. The other Diana Rigg song is still alive and well in the archives. Emma's replacement, "Tara King" (Linda Thorson), helps pads things out with her pair. Songs, that is.

Back in the archives you'll find a 4-pack of Honor Blackman. Honor Blackman never pretended to be a singer, but her solo songs were received well. She assumed Patrick MacNee would have no problems either: “Patrick said he had no sense of rhythm and couldn’t sing but we thought that was absolute nonsense until we actually got there and found it was absolutely true!”

You get the silly novelty hit "Kinky Boots," which is the least sexy song ever to have "Kinky" in its title. And also part of the download, a bright stereo rendition of "The Avengers" theme from the composer himself, Laurie Johnson. You even get some oddball theme song versions, including one that samples dialogue from John and Emma.
There won't be a time when Steed's words don't ring true: "Mrs. Peel, We're Needed."

1. Diana Rigg "Could I Leave You?"
2. Avengers (Disco Version)
3. Avengers "Peel the Reel" theme song with dialogue
4. Avengers (Magnetic Remix)
5. Avengers (Impulsion Remix)
6. Avengers (Laurie Johnson & Orchestra)
7. Linda Thorson "Here I Am"
8. Linda Thorson "Bad Time to Stop Loving Me"
9. Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman "Kinky Boots"

Emma 'bout ta download dis...
Update: This one timed out due to Rapidshare's "10 days of inactivity" purge. as singles...

DIANA RIGG "Could I Leave You"
4 Songs by Honor Blackman


The Baz said...

Yo Illfolks!

No prizes for guessing what I did as soon as I saw this... yep.. am downloading it as I type. Am very intrigued to hear this second Diana Rigg song... I quite liked that first one you posted a while back.

And Mrs Peel is always needed, especially today as some kind of role model since no modern day pop or film star can hold a candle close to Diana Rigg in her heyday!

Thanks again, and all the best,
BAZ :)

Ill Folks said...

You're welcome. Consider it Baz Relief. (That's the most artistic pun I've ever made).

Glad this got to you. Let only tunes get to you and tune out the rest!

nomwl1 said...

Hi Ill Folks!

Another fantastic collection where even though I think I've already got almost all of them I still can't resist downloading them. My fingers & ears have minds of their own. How can I resist when their sitting all together like that? It's the power of your blog......I'm under its spell!

And I wonder where they sell giant boots with pictures of their faces on them?

P.S. Bad news, but some jerk has apparently and inexplicably deleted the link to your Torchburn collection. Luckily I already got my copy, but I noticed it when I mistakenly tried to download it again. As far as I can tell, your other links are fine. I guess somebody has a problem hearing William Shatner sing, 'How insensitive' or something. :((

The Peanut said...

Oh, I love Diana Rigg! Thnks for this!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Any way of getting access again? I was interested in the 'Peel the Reel' version.

CylonDetector2000 said...

Another excellent posting I missed. (What was I doing in June of last year?) Please re-upload if you can.

Jose Farfan said...

Dear friends ..From Peru

I stayed with the desire to listen the album to the Avengers and Diana Riggs.
Don't work : - BOX.
Anyway, this blog is great.