Thursday, March 29, 2007


These 16 hooker tunes cover the social-disease strata from high class call girls to raunchy street hustlers. There's "Sweet Painted Lady" as sung by Bridget St. John (not Elton John) and "Roxanne" the dial-up red-light district song sung by Dilanna (not Sting).

"Love For Sale" is here, plus Georgia White, Ma Rainey and Chippie Hill doing vintage numbers including Streetwalkin' Blues, Hustlin' Blues and Bring Your Greenbacks. There's even Mr. Waits doing his homeless man version of Randy Newman and singing "Christmas Card from a Hooker."

You also get a "Best Little" ho' down via Dolly, and "Barcelona" by the limp-wristed Sinceros, who self-consciously sing of "prostitutes with very large hearts entertaining very small parts." Prodigy Janis Ian was jailbait when she wrote and sang "Pro Girl." I like her attempt at seeming British by quoting the whore fee in "pounds" not dollars. She works in a play on the John's Bargain Store chain, ("John, bargain well...") which is pointless but it shows how precocious this poetess was at 16. And At Seventeen...she couldn't even give it away.

Speaking of giving it away, Janis offers a few songs for free download on her website. But, not every album. Now what kind of blogger is that??


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