Monday, March 19, 2007


People in the music business still shake their heads about Patti Dahlstrom. She made four albums. She should've been more of a contender. Critics were enchanted by her looks, and less so by her rootsy Southern vocals which were true if not pretty. Perhaps at the time (early 70's) there was no such thing as "country crossover," so being pitched as a pop star was doing her a disservice.

Her friend Jim Croce had much better luck as her opposite; smooth voice, indifferent looks. (Patti didn't mention Croce much to the press, but I used his name to get your attention.) Dahlstrom was especially effective as a lyricist. Her new words for "Amoureuse," re-titled "Emotion," brought Veronique Sanson's music to America for the first time. The song was a hit in Helen Reddy's cosmetic version, rather than the no make-up style of Dahlstrom.

Patti had a co-write for a song in the 1985 film "Heated Vengeance" but settled in Houston where she became a teacher. And speaking of teaching, listen to "Slim and Olabelle," (on her first album), a country rocker about the lessons she learned from her grandparents:

"And they only taught me two things. The first was to answer to myself. To do it if I think in my head it's right, and it don't hurt nobody else. And the second is if you love someone, go on, honey, let him know it, because the easiest thing about loving someone is to show it."

On the album, and here, the song is followed by a nice ballad, "Rider," which rides off into the sunset.



Anonymous said...

Thanks from Patti

whiteray said...

Thanks for cluing me into Patti. And great blog -- I just blundered into it, but I will be back!

Dolf said...

I was acquainted with Patti in high school though not well and was clueless about her career until recently. Man, the high-powered musicians on her albums! Anything ever go to CD? I found just one song on the internet (

Ill Folks said...

Hi Dolf,

After reading my blog, Whiteray got in touch with Patti and she sent him the albums on CD-R. Guess she wasn't figuring a re-issue would happen any time soon.

Just type in a Dahlstrom search at

Phil said...

I hope this shout-out from a fan reaches you. I've been listening to your album 'The Way I Am' since I bought it in the early seventies and never dreamed I'd be able to actually contact you! The music is wonderful and certainly stands the test of time. I have recently digitized and cleaned-up my original vinyl to make sure your music is with we for years to come! Are there any thoughts of re-releasing any or all of your catalogue in digital format?
Thank you for this incredible music.

harold said...

patti was my music bus teacher at the art instutite of houston love her

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Jawbreaker said...

Patti , your music is beautiful. Your character is one of a kind. I will wait with patience for more of your music. It is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Met Patti a couple of nights ago walking the dog. For all you fans out there, I'll say that behind that silky voice and classy lyrics is a heart of gold. Thanks for cheering me up a bit tonight, Patti, with your kind words to help me through a rough time in my life.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Patti, can you tell me the songs you wrote about Jim croce?
I would appreciate this!
Martin Pardys

Ill Folks said...

Martin, Patti and co-writer Artie Wayne wrote "Sending My Good Thoughts To You" after they heard about Jim's plane crash. There might be another song or two that was inspired by aspects of his personality, and perhaps melded with her experiences with others.

jfq722 said...

Patti is featured in the very authentic documentary about Jim's rise and tragic death called 'Songman'.