Sunday, March 09, 2008


Who says this blog isn't super cool and loaded with soul? Most everyone.
However, the blog is noted for giving a second chance to the obscure, and this Baker's dozen features a lot of tracks that were potential hits until they actually reached store shelves. It's proof that being good is not always enough.
Some of this stuff should've been playing on the radio right after a track by Martha Reeves, The Four Tops or The Temptations.
Tracks by: The Ad Libs, Robert Ward, Steve Mancha, Lee Garrett, The San Remo Singers, Olympics, The Incredibles, Larry J. Reynolds, The Manhattans, Edwin Starr, Darrell Banks, The Volcanos (pictured in the photo), Tripps and Performers.
Titles: Human, Never Alone, Whirlpool, Can't Break the Habit, Still Hungry, Secret Agents, Another Dirty Deal, Were You in the Middle, What Should I Do, My Kind of Woman, Looking Into the Eyes of a Fool, False Alarm, Give it Back, Set Me Free.
14 Northern Soul Songs

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