Sunday, March 09, 2008

STIFFLY WOODWARD: Elton John & Paul Simon

Edward Woodward is probably best known for his role as the stiff, hung-up police inspector in "The Wicker Man." Before that, coming off his stint as star of a British TV crime series, he put his stiff upper and lower lips in front of a microphone and sang some severely sincere versions of pop songs.
A pair of these will more than suffice. "Sound of Silence" is completely baked, but too sincere and too on-key to get tossed into that nasty pile of "golden throats" celeb vocals we all love to laugh about. No, Woodward wants silence, and he gets it. No jokes here!
He also tackled an obscurity, an early Elton John-Bernie Taupin number called "The Tide Will Turn for Rebecca," which is not about that time of month. What it might be about is, typical with Taupin lyrics, not too clear, but read along for yourself:

"Can you hear the floorboards crying in a room on the second floor, that used to be owned by someone who's no one, but he don't live there anymore
"Only Rebecca clasping her head on her knees, trying to work out what is about
And why someone had to leave.
"But dry up your tears, stop counting the years. Don't worry what's coming. Forget all your fears. And the tide will turn for Rebecca. Her life will change, her hopes rearrange into something that might really matter
"She's all alone in a world of her own with a key that fits her lonely world. You won't need a crowd to shout out aloud what she says deserves to be heard."

Mr. Woodward, in "The Wicker Man," suffered enough (including having frightened farm animals pissing on him during a fire scene...something viewers didn't get to see in the finished movie). So without wisecracks, take these two and don't leave a comment in the morning...

Look Ed Wood-ward Angel - SILENCE
Look Ed Wood-ward Angel - REBECCA

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