Monday, May 19, 2008

KILL ME NOW - The Chapin Sisters

There have been precocious combos in the past...The Roches, The Moirs, The McGarrigle Sisters, the trio of Parton-Ronstadt-Harris, and more recently, The Pierce Sisters (sampled here several months ago).
Now, submitted for your chilled disapproval, The Chapin Sisters, who are no relation to Harry (musically...see below for a genetic report) and prefer a more wan, offbeat and slightly eerie brand of folk-rock.
As with The Pierce Sisters, who apparently went nowhere, the illfolks blog offers another kiss of death to unique ladies who will probably not hit the Billboard witness the prophetic chosen sample, "Kill Me Now."
Intentionally disturbed harmonizing leads to: "Don't wanna go get a rock and just stone me...Kill me now. Oh, kill me now." Like anorexic Shangri-La's, but with a more overt sense of tongue-in-chic humor, they continue... "Don't defend it. No no. Just go get a knife and please end it. Whoa whoa."
Chilly enough to catch cult? Here are...



MacQuarrie said...

The Chapin Sisters are very much related to Harry. They are his nieces, daughters (and step-daughter) of his brother Tom.

They're also brilliant; I love "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend."

Ill Folks said...

Thanks for the Tom's created some fine music (and offspring).