Tuesday, April 29, 2008


How much is Tina Louise worth?
If you know eBay, or local record stores, you know that "movie star sings" albums from Lizabeth Scott, Rhonda Fleming, Goldie Hawn and others rarely reach $20.Goofier and scarcer items, like Anthony Quinn and Jack Webb lps don't generate $50.
Yet..."Time for Tina" topped out at $971 on eBay!
The album is even on CD, in stereo.
Ah...but that's the clue. "Real" collectors don't want CD stereo or mp3. The seller's vinyl was "deep groove mono," and there were six bidders at the $500 mark before a final few snipered it up to nearly $1000. Oooh "deep groove mono" from an obscure label known for classical music! The album was bought NOT for Tina Louise, but either to complete an "I own everything the label did" collection or to add to a "mmm, deep groove mono" pile. The album's condition had to be "minty." A reflection, perhaps, of the buyer. Another seller, seeing the hoopla, instantly tossed a vinyl stereo version on eBay thinking he'd cash in. Nope, he was as lost as the castaways on Gilligan's Island.
Two bonus tracks have been added...the two songs from an actress who popped onto the scene just a few years after "Gilligan's Island" left the air. It's Linda Thorson, who hoped to have a second career as a pop singer...after realizing that replacing Diana Rigg on "The Avengers" was not getting her rave reviews as an actress. You'll hear, here along with Tina, "Tara King" singing "Here I Am" and "Bad Time for Loving Me."


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Hazy Dave said...

I've recently discovered my copy of the first Velvet Underground LP is a mono pressing, so I have hopes for a significant payout when I get around to taking some photos and such. Better not wait real long, I suppose, or too many folks will decide the recent mono vinyl reissue is an adequate substitute. My banana is intact (so to speak), so, were it not for the cutout hole in the jacket, I'd be assured of hitting the $100-200 range. Should be worth at least a full tank of gas, in any event...