Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Big Band Medley: Beatles, Searchers & Clark

Swing it! Squalkin' trumpets, bouncin' 'bones, twangy guitar, chuggin' drums...it's time for three Big Band treatments of Liverpool and Mersey faves!
Your RS download gets you all three tracks:
"Can't Buy Me Love...Needles and Pins...Glad All Over."
Back in the mid-60's, one of the comical ways in which the "British Invasion" music was accepted, was via a mainstream cover version. Like: "Really, this mop-top music isn't bad, it has some nice melodies, if only that bad singing didn't get in the way."
Not far from the rack containing Keely Smith's album of Lennon-McCartney covers (a sample is on this blog), was Buddy Morrow's "Beatlemania: The Big Hits of 1964." Which included covers of The Dave Clark Five and others.
Buddy Morrow now 90 [update...he's died since this posting], was a trombone player and band leader who had a powerful interest in the more splashy side of jazz. One of his notable instrumental hits was a version of "Night Train," and one of his best albums was "Impact," his bold collection of TV Themes, including a fierce take on "M Squad," the Count Basie classic. Along with Al Caiola, Doc Severinsen and others, Morrow's exciting work has managed to survive a period of neglect to be respected once again for cool charts performed with hot chops. There's some rockin' stuff buried in the "Big Band" part of the local record store.
Which isn't to say that Big Band is the perfect setting for "Beatlemania" songs...but you'll still have some fun with these. Pretty cool guy, Buddy Morrow...or as he was known in the old neighborhood...Moe Zudekoff
Here's a medley of "Glad All Over" and "I Saw Her Standing There."
Update: Nov, 2011. Rapidshare's annoying "30 days without a download kills it" policy killed the original links. They are back via a better company.
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