Monday, June 29, 2009

Brooks Rapes - Patti Smith "You Light Up My Life"

Joseph Brooks was a fairly pleasant-looking fellow when he sat at the piano and let Patti Smith holler his "You Light Up My Life" song. (This was on a kiddie TV show circa can find it on YouTube). As you see from the photo (which expands if you click it, as most pix here do), the years have not been kind to him, which might explain why, even with his vast wealth, the ferret-faced weasel had to use casting-couch tactics to get any action.

Brooks allegedly raped nearly a dozen girls (18 to 24) many ready to face him in court. His M.O. between 2005 and 2008 was to have his middle-aged female assistant place the ads and make the girls feel comfortable enough for their "big moment." According to NYPD Lt. Adam Lamboy, one persuasive trick Brooks used was to wave his 1977 Academy Award for "You Light Up My Life" and say "This could be you holding the Oscar. I could make you a star."

From somebody who might be called to the stand to testify:
"I worked with Joe Brooks in the late 70's and he was doing this long before Craigslist. He'd thumb through modeling catalogues, pick one out, and take her to the Carlyle -- or to his apartment when his wife (an ex-playmate) wasn't there. There must be literally hundreds of women who 'auditioned' for him. Even Debbie Boone's mother wouldn't allow him to be alone with her because she sensed that he was a sociopath. And anyone who ever worked for him will tell you that they had to sue to get their money. Total wacko."

As for his best known tune, the dirge-like "You Light Up My Life," which moves from a grim, minor-key lament to an ear-splitting wail, it was always one of Patti Smith's favorites. Your download is from a late 70's live gig. Her mongrel yowl better serves the song's emotional core, which Patti might tell you has a religious sense of desolation and redemption. "Amazing Grace" and "You Light Up My Life" have similarities...the singer is a wretch who has been saved by a shining brand of love...and can't help bawling about it.

The difference is that "Amazing Grace" is graceful, while the clumsy "You Light Up My Life" could be used in a commercial for Eveready flashlights.

Patti's crowd goes wild with delight and amusement when she offers a few stanzas and you'll be lit up, too.

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