Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Marsha Malamet - Chosen by Saint Etienne

Two years ago, the Illfolks blog chose "I Don't Dare" as a way of introducing people to Marsha Malamet, who was singing in the high, Kate Bush end of the scale, well before Kate began to warble.
This year, Saint Etienne produced a 2 CD artist-compilation, oh so retro-cleverly titled "The Trip," which takes listeners through an array of 60's and 70's songs. And who should turn up but Marsha Malamet and "I Don't Dare," a song known on the Internet only through it's appearance on this blog.
Also on the compilation: "Time to Break Down" By The Supremes, "My Love is Your Love" from The Isley Brothers, "You've Come This Way" by Nancy Priddy, "Auntie Aviator" by John & Beverly Martyn, "Radio Song" by Dillard and Clark and "I Start Counting" by Dusty Springfield among many others.
Since Saint Etienne is most heavily influential among both the trippers and the twee, the recommendation of "I Don't Dare" may lead people to seek out her old lp "Coney Island Winter," or check on Marsha's current work (which you can hear on her MySpace page). Here's "I Don't Dare" in its original vinyl form, as it was upped 2 years ago...

Malamet sings I DON'T DARE Do you? Instant Download. No codes, forwarding links or ads.


Marsha said...

Hello Ill Folks,
Thank you for the mention, and posting the song.
All the best,

Moogaboo said...

This compilation is actually from 2004 -- it happens to be where I first heard and fell in love with "I Don't Dare." Looks like it was repackaged (with new artwork) in 2007.

Bob Stanley said...

Yes, I found Marsha's album on a trip to Japan in 1999 and was immediately taken by the gorgeous simplicity of the cover. That's how I Don't Dare ended up on The Trip. But the more praise for Marsha, the better, I love that album.

Ill Folks said...

(lol) OK, burst my delusions of grandeur! "I Don't Dare" turns out to have been compiled without any help from its appearance on this blog.

Oh well. Hopefully Marsha's gotten some good publicity and attention from the mention here...which is the intent for every post. It's about the musicians.