Saturday, August 29, 2009


Yes, daughter of Mel Tillis, but on her first album, the gal was trying for punky country-crossover, an album that was a slightly sour version of Rachel Sweet. Punningly titled “Beyond the Doll Of Cutie,” it wasn’t what hayseeds wanted, and the new wavers were way too kewl to pay attention to her either. Too bad. Good album. After it went nowhere, Pam went mainstream country to save her career.

“You Just Wanna Be Weird” is a boppin’ smack in the head to immature geeks who have to call attention to themselves by being “far out.” In the real world, it’s loud clothing and jackass stunts...add booze or drugs and the idiot starts mugging and miming and laughing at his own brilliance, not knowing or caring that the laughs he’s getting are based on “what a jerk” not “what a wild and crazy guy.”

In the cyber world, well, we’ve all been in the forums where overposting schmucks call attention to themselves with bad pun names, inane avatars (that usually involve somebody cross-eyed, retarded or drawn by R. Crumb), a witless motto under every post, and a mountain of twitching animated gifs which they also use on whatever blog they desperately want people to visit. They favor “punk’d” headers that make you look at the post, only to see it’s a lame joke or a Photoshop job that’s been circulating among high schoolers for months. If they reply to anyone else’s post it’s to make a tasteless joke with a self-placed LOL at the end.

Pam Tillis has some pity for the fool she’s putting down. Most anyone else would gladly make him swallow his own fake rubber vomit and rubber dog doo, so that something far more realistic came out of both ends at the same time. In other words, leave comedy to the professionals, and leave “acting out” to the Gay Pride parade.

You Just Wanna Be Weird

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