Friday, October 09, 2009


Answer: "Guy Marks."
Question: "What do you find all over Paris Hilton's body?"
Comedy fans of a certain vintage (ones that remember this A&Q routine from either Steve Allen or Johnny Carson) know all about Guy Marks. He was an offbeat comedian-mimic who not only worked Vegas and nightclubs, but even managed to convince record labels to indulge his strange ideas.
How strange? How about a spoken word single imagining Humphrey Bogart as an Indian scout translating for a chief whose fondest desire is to sing "Volare?" Or, a deadpan album of old-time rotten 20's novelty tunes promoted by the freshly penned "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas?" Or, his "Hollywood Sings?" where 40's movie stars are imagined singing 40's hit songs?
On that one, Guy offered the logical ("As Time Goes By" from Bogart), the acceptable (Clark Gable doing "I'll Be Seeing You") and the ludicrous..."Begin the Beguine" via a highly stylized version of Bela Lugosi.
With respect to de Maupassant. Mr. Marks remains Illfolks' favorite Guy.

BEGIN THE BEGUINE. Guy Marks as Bela Lugosi

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