Friday, October 09, 2009


Last month, bassist Mike Alexander (6/22/77-10/5/09) along with another member of his band EVILE, journeyed to Manhattan for promo interviews. His interracial UK thrash group then began a European tour on the bill with Amon Amarth. After a few dates, something was wrong with Mike. At a hospital in Sweden, he died of a brain hemorrhage.
His three bandmates released a joint statement:
"This is so hard to find the words to express fully how we feel. We can't believe or accept what's happened...."
Which is pretty ironic for guys who titled their recent debut album "Enter the Grave," which features "Darkness Shall Bring Death" and "We Who Are About To Die."
"One minute we're talking to our buddy, Mike, the next minute we can never speak to him again. There's so many things rushing through our heads that we want to say, do and
feel. We half expect him to come round the corner and call us 'dickheads'.
We can't get our heads around it."
We've all listened to headbanger, trash, thrash, morbid, acid rock or heavy metal bands in our turbulent teen years, where every day was a contentious or pretentious Halloween.
If you remember fondly your times listening to Black Sabbath or Alice Cooper, and wonder what the kids in the trailer park are splitting their skulls to, your sample of EVILE is below.
EVILE finished a new album, "Infected Nations," and in a tribute to the days when music mattered enough to buy and keep an album in a revered place in your home, they put out a limited edition double LP set on VINYL. They even printed up limited edition red vinyl and white vinyl versions -- only 200 copies each!
So if "We Who Are About To Die" makes you recall Ozzy or Alice, or it makes your brain churn, or you're particularly impressed with the literary allusion to Julius Caesar, sure, you'll probably download the entire "Enter the Grave" for free somewhere. But maybe, you'll want to buy the new one on vinyl! What a devilish thought!

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