Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's hard to keep track of the latest Whore du Jour.

One minute it's Katy Perry, then Lady Gaga, then Miley Cyrus decides to act like an ignorant slut, too. Almost lost in this constant array of cheapness was the dollar-sign doll named Kesha. Or rather, KE$HA.

With so many "I'll do anything for money" chicks around, KE$HA kind of fell through the crack (of showing her crack) even after she turned in a cringeworthy appearance on "Saturday Night Live," wearing black light clothing and black light make-up and looking like a nightmare Adam Lambert had after sucking on a peyote mushroom-tip in some meat district men's room.

It was at that moment I wished KE$HA was "Invisible," but at least, a few years back, she actually covered "Invisible." Yes, before she began singing rotten songs, she covered a good one by Martin Briley. (There is some irony in realizing how often the supposedly misogynistic Mr. B. has had brilliant cover versions from women interpreting his songs…from Rebecca St. James and Celine Dion to Karla DeVito and Pat Benatar…the latter two to be found on this blog.)

The early track "Invisible" demonstrates that at one time KE$HA could carry a tune. Apparently now all she can carry is STD's.

Before the make-up took over. Here's KE$HA, "Invisible."

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