Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"We Are the Tampons" is a novelty tune by the Nuclear Fish, and since funny songs get almost no respect, it's no surprise that these guys are not the household names that Tampax and Playtex are.

Supposedly they've made a CD with this and 26 other tunes on it, called "Jew Kids on the Block." It's not on Amazon.com, and if you're looking for their official website, there's not much to see at the moment over at www.nuclearfish.com.

Among the other tracks, should you be able to find the album and buy it: "Another Kick in the Balls," "Baby is Black," "The Wind Beneath My Sheets," and old Bill Clinton parodies "Looks Like I Stained It" and "While My Cigar Slowly Creeps." Parody tunes can be lame, dopey, and tiresome after a minute...which might explain why they seem to exist, if at all, on free radio.

The way you find most parody crap is on downloads (as this one is here), or mated to some assholish photos and hoisted to YouTube. But pay? For a song that's just a dumb "novelty" item? Don't make me laugh...

WE ARE THE TAMPONS Instant download (you don't have to wait a month), no pop-ups, pop-unders, porn ads or code words.

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