Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brigitte Bardot vs Denmark's Sport of Dolphin Killing

"Qu'il est vilain."

Translation? "That is ugly."

Years ago, Brigitte Bardot sang a happy tune by that title, which you'll hear in the download below. Now? Now she might use that phrase to describe the heartless and stupid "sport" of herding dolphins to shore where they are butchered to pieces. For fun. (Click the picture above and it will get bigger.)

Today, August 19th, Bardot sent a message to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark saying "This macabre spectacle is a shame for Denmark...This...mass slaughter...has no acceptable justification in today's world."

Christophe Marie, of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot, adds: "The dolphin killing was originally designed to provide people with food, but this is no longer the case." As you see by the picture above, there are no nets to gather food, just a bunch of bloodthirsty Danish idiots carving up defenseless animals and turning the water red.

A report on this, from, quotes the rebuttal from Kate Sanderson, a foreign ministry official: "It's a proper hunt, like any other hunt, it is wild and it may appear inhuman. But people who protest against the fact that these mammals are being killed by knives have never been in an abattoir."

Infuriating, isn't it, when someone who pretends to be a human, can defend the "inhuman," and condone herding up defenseless animals as a "proper hunt," and defend butchery for fun with what goes on in an abattoir for food.

The dolphin species in this case, is mostly the pilot whale. As scientists have determined, and is reported on Bardot's website, most doctors warn against the consumption of pilot whales due to very high levels of mercury, pesticides and other pollutants. (It should also be mentioned that even the legitimate catching of the sea's large fish, such as tuna, is disturbing due to the toxins now in these fish, and the risk of species annihilation.)

Brigitte Bardot is one of the activists of the world, one of the sensitive ones, one of the people who give a damn and want to change things and make the world a better place. She uses what remains of her fame as a 1960's and 70's film star, to show a beautiful conscience and soul in the 21st century. Her legacy was once her songs and films, but is now most prominently includes Fondation Brigitte Bardot.

There is a rising sadism in this world, an unhealthy pride in doing wrong and in showing contempt and selfishness. Worse, are the ones who sit by the sidelines and let it happen...their shrugs and heavy-lidded blindness just as dismaying as the acts of criminality and cruelty that they allow. Many believe that nothing is lower than what is above Belgium...useless countries where decency, rights issues and conscience is stuck in a block of ice and hell has frozen over. Holland. Denmark. Sweden.

Queen Margrethe II will do nothing, and she will go down in history as just another alloy of uncaring and incompetence. Brigitte Bardot could've disappeared like Dietrich or Garbo, but she has too much compassion not to use her time and her fame in the best ways possible. Bardot speaks for the creatures who can't defend themselves. Kate Sanderson speaks for the true animals of the world...the men in Denmark who butcher dolphins for fun...and who salute Bloody Queen Margrethe II.

Thanks for reading this. Here is a happy 60's tune from Brigitte. Instant download or listen on line. No bloody wait time. No bloody pop-op ads.

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