Sunday, August 29, 2010

‪LIU WEI‬ plays Richard Clayderman - with no hands

With America's Got Talent slowly sinking toward its finale, and Australia's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent already crowning talentless winners, the newly created China's Got Talent has begun its run. The first contestant to become an International sensation is not an ugly fat lady, chubby ventriloquist or quasi-operatic tenor. It's Liu Wei, who simply plays the piano with his feet.

Liu Wei played Richard Clayderman's "Mariage d'Amour" and when it was done, the armless pianist saw the entire audience standing and clapping their hands. One of the three judges brushed away a tear.

During a childhood game of "hide and go seek," Liu Wei accidentally electrocuted himself, and doctors could not save his burnt hands and arms. Rendered an amputee, he learned quickly that sobbing about his fate, looking for nice comments ;) and calling attention to himself via begging for donations were disgraces. He chose hard work and an honest life instead. He chose to honor music and his self-respect. At the age of 19, he decided to learn how to play the piano.

Some of us have mild toe dexterity, but to stir those primitive nerves, and to make those toes function in any way close to fingers, took not only practice, but the tenacity to overcome a tremendous amount of physical pain. He worked so hard that within 4 years, he could appear on a national TV show this summer, mastering a light classic piano piece. What will Liu Wei do to dazzle judges in the second round? "Louie Louie?" Below, his slow, charming version of Clayderman's piece, as well as Clayderman performing it.

Liu Wei version

Richard Clayderman version Instant download or listen on line.

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