Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bardot's Birthday Wish: STOP Wearing FUR, Sophia!

"Yesterday it was my birthday…I hung one more year on the line…"

No need to stick a Paul Simon song on this blog. Everybody knows all about him and his music. Instead, a salute to the woman who should be Queen of France, the forever beautiful, the always free-spirited and sincere Brigitte Bardot.

She turned 75 yesterday, September 28th, and what did she wish for?

"I wish a happy birthday to Sophia Loren, my splendid twin, and I ask her to stop wearing fur - that is the best gift she could offer me."

How sad that Sophia, who can be forgiven the plastic surgery that keeps her looking half her age, can not let go of the useless vanity involving draping herself in death.

Nothing speaks more of ignorance, vapid intellect and insensitivity than the sight of a fur coat on a beautiful woman. You didn't need fur, Sophia. If you did, God would have covered your body over in it.

We all know how easy it is to rationalize and make excuses for all bad behavior. It seems that aside from some ignorant old ladies who need to go around in walrus-sized coats even when there's global warming and it's not even cold out...and aside from some arrogant rich scum who think that being insensitive and obnoxious is cool and sexy, most lamebrains who wear fur have this rationalization:

"The animals need to be killed because they encroach on man! I help keep the population down!"

Yeah? Ever see an animal writhing in a trap? See it being skinned alive? And isn't it time you stopped procreating to the point where you're shoving animals out of their homes and eating up every fish in the sea and using up all our natural resources? PS, lard-brain, what endangered species are you wearing? Tiger? Leopard? Listen, if you want to keep an animal population down, wear a coat made out of rats.

Fake fur is good enough for real people. Sophia, there is no excuse for wearing fur. None. You are an admirable woman in so many ways…(and happy birthday to YOU, belated though it is, September 20th)…please consider Brigitte's request. And mine. I know you read me faithfully. People are always telling me my blog's for Loren.

No tribute songs for Sophia. Here are two about BARDOT, the great lady who believes in the environment, and in being kind to animals, and in keeping her beloved country free, strong, proud, and resistant to Islamic extremist fanatics who want to dictate their way of life to every country they swarm into. Brigitte, vous êtes quelqu'un que j'aime et admire.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, hold on... Your blog is just great and you have very good taste in music BUT Brigitte Bardot, is getting a little weird theses time. And i prefer when you talk about music and entertainement rather than politic.

Ill Folks said...

Point well taken. It's hard to avoid getting topical now and then, whether it's animal rights issues, global warming or war. Bless Bardot, Yoko Ono, and other "loonies" who make some people cringe and other people think. They could just as easily spend their time partying instead of continuing to march for a cause.

Many songwriters just can't stick to silly love songs. Even Paul McCartney. "Looking for Changes" covered animal rights. Morrissey and Mylene Farmer have written sharp topical lyrics, as have such faves of the masses as Broooose Springsteen, Neil Young and even Madonna.

Dylan wrote about Joey Gallo…someone a little flakier than Bardot. And the illfolks blog is spooner-named for Phil Ochs, Mr. "All the News That's Fit to Sing," so once in a while, you get a post like this. But I agree there's a line to be drawn, because a screed can get screechy. Or as Madonna put it, "Papa, don't preach!"