Saturday, September 29, 2012


There are quite a few beautiful women who were born on September 29th.

From Sweden, the bombastic Anita Ekberg.

From France, the sultry Mylene Demongeot.

From England, the classy redhead Greer Garson

And from America, Virginia Bruce, Ann Nagel, Jill Whelan, Erika Eleniak, Natasha Wagner, the oddly erotic Madeline Kahn and…the utterly unique Emma Matzo. Er, LIZABETH SCOTT.

Ms Scott tops my list, and at the risk of sounding mysterious, it's been an honor for many years now, to help out on the Internet in some instances where a little more respect for her privacy and stardom is needed.

Happily, if you check around cyberspace, instead of scammers pretending to be her or selling forged autographs, you're more likely to find blogs, film-fans, and photo sites paying tribute to everything from her film-noir classics to her sexuality. Which leads to the quick download of a song from her lone album on the VIK label, also on CD. The album is autographed as you might be able to see, and she also autographed one of my favorite poses of her as well.

If you know Lizabeth from her often dire and dramatic film roles opposite Bogart and others, you might not suspect her ability to sing a light song. But yes, she could carry off a wryly erotic little tease of a song like "A Deep Dark Secret."

It's quite amusing that the song about her secret doings does not name a particular gender or race. That does add to the fun. It's safe to say that Lizabeth has stirred longings on both sides of the sexual equator, as well as among people of every possible color or race. Well, blond hair and dark eyebrows and red lips…she's always been a bit complex.

Birthdays; when you get to be of a certain age, you're happy mostly because the alternative is worse. Most of us who get beyond the childish years, ignore the day, or nominally treat ourselves to a minor indulgence of some kind. We have learned to forget the hoopla and the stupid "how does it feel to be XX years old" questions. It's just a day, and it's over as fast as any other. Stay in the moment, be thoughtful but don't get morose, and don't worry that the fucking cake is going to be a problem if you eat more than one slice.

So I didn't buy a box of Matzo today in honor of Lizabeth, for me or for her. Leave it at this: Love you, Lizabeth! And I hope you all enjoy this little musical gift download!

Lizabeth Scott, adored by Illfolks. Just why is…. A Deep Dark Secret

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