Friday, March 29, 2013

WORST PIES IN LONDON - Jade Lomas-Anderson Killed By Dogs

Singing about "The Worst Pies in London," Mrs. Lovett admits that what she serves to her fellow Brits is "disgusting" and "revolting." Unlike a pie shop rival, her product doesn't contain pieces of cat, because "them pussy cats is quick." Fortunately she gets a new beau, Sweeney Todd, and together they make human meat pies. If the story took place today, they'd own a Subway sandwich franchise, selling Sub-Humans.

And, speaking of sub-humans, Beverley Concannon is in the running for "The Worst Bitch in England,"owning five vicious dogs…most of them joining in to kill a teenager who had made the mistake of being near them…and eating a meat pie. Who knows if, given British cooking, that meat pie contained cat, or more likely horse meat, but there's room for blame all around.

Nobody should be owning a bunch of big dogs, for a start. Big dogs are like guns. They are lethal. Only stupid people think otherwise…fools who have a pathetic need to own something dangerous, who snivel and cower in the world unless they have a dog or a gun (or both) for "protection." These weak-minded obnoxious scum also enjoy intimidating others with their dogs (and/or guns).

Sweeney Todd sang that there's a hole in the world that's a great big pit and the people who inhabit it are full of shit…and it goes by the name of….LONDON.

Silly man. Why single out London when there's also Scunthorpe, and Grimsby, and plenty more? Probably because a century ago, the big city was far more dangerous than the current craphouse towns full of chavs and yobs and other disgraces to the heritage of Great Britain. Sweeney also didn't live in an era where ungrateful immigrants, with no respect for Great Britain, turn against their hosts to create stinking violent and bloody chaos unless they get their way, which is to make their new neighborhoods into ethnic fortresses for their own kind

You know what should happen? New laws. Cameron and his yeah-nay bunch of assholes should stop babbling every week ("Does the right honorable Prime Minister AGREE that dogs eating children is wrong….") and pass "Jade's Law." Which declares: NO pit bulls allowed in Great Britain. NO similar species of brutal dog such as a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd unless the owner has passed tests and is licensed to take care of such a dangerous beast. And NO person can own more than one.

All big dogs currently in shelters should be euthanized. All dogs of any size for sale in pet shops must also be neutered. All dogs must be kept in humane condition and not simply be chained up to protect some asshole's property. Dogs that bark for more than two minutes in a row will be confiscated, owners paying a fine. A second offense, and the dog's vocal cords removed. It's time to understand that dogs are very stupid, that a sick need to play "God" over a leashed animal is wrong, and that the peace and comfort of human beings rates first…and that dogs shouldn't be protecting a junkyard, barking insanely because a leaf fell off a tree, or snapping at everybody as they get walked along by a megalomaniacal piece of shit who gets a kick out of making other people cringe...and who also thinks nothing of letting the animal shit all over the place and piss all over everything...sending dog urine molecules into the air for YOU to breathe in.

The psycho bitch who owned the five dogs is unfortunately, all too typical of the average dog owner: stupid. Irresponsible. Selfish. A dimwit. The exact opposite of an animal lover. A hideous cretin who should be sterilized or euthanized along with her dumbass mongrels.

Why do people own dogs in the first place? Unfortunately, most do it for the same reason they own guns. Because it intimidates others. It makes a weakling suddenly powerful and not to be messed with. And sadly, "Jade's Law" has about as much a chance of passing as gun control laws…because there are too many people in the world who are sick and selfish and dangerous, and who want dogs and guns in order to have power over others…a power that often ends up in tragedy that takes the lives of the innocent.

"Sweeney Todd" is one of the great musicals of the 20th Century because it doesn't turn a blind eye to human nature. Human nature often involves abusing the animal kingdom, which in turn, only leads to a wreckage of human quality-of-life, and in many tragic cases, a loss of life.

These are the times that try Tesco-shoppers' souls The Worst Pies in London


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fuck are you pig-ignorant.

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