Friday, August 09, 2013


When it comes to appalling self-important little preppie snots, nobody can rival Thomas Hurley III. Except his obnoxious inbred father, Thomas Hurley II.

The Hurley Turds get the worm for what they did last week. They clogged up the already trivia-obsessed print media and celeb-sucking TV news broadcasts with their whining over being "cheated" on the quiz show "Jeopardy." I guess the rich scumbags hired a publicist to squash their sour grapes for them and whine all over the place about such an injustice to an entitled family of such breeding.

In other words, rich self-absorbed shits like the Hurley Turds think that rules aren't meant for them. Everyone knows that on "Jeopardy" you must pronounce your answer exactly or, in the final round, spell it properly. Turd the Third didn't spell properly and his answer was not accepted. Very routine. The show is one of the few that is in any way intellectual, intelligent, or encourages polite sportsmanship; it was expected that Turd the Third would accept his consolation prize like everyone else, accept that he played a game and didn't win, and also understand that even if he was credited with the right answer, he would've finished SECOND.

Instead, affluent Daddy and brat got their revenge by bad-mouthing "Jeopardy" with libelous charges of having been "cheated." As if the other contestants weren't treated the same, and the winner wasn't also a well-fed white boy. But reporters dutifully interviewed Daddy and Brat to get every huffy, crybaby, self-important detail of this important story from a family in Newtown, Connecticut.

Yeah. NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT. Remember that place, and the school shooting there? Isn't it outrageous that Thomas Hurley III's girly-bitch about losing on "Jeopardy" got almost as much attention last week as the school shooting last Christmas? A little pisher can't spell...and we all hear about it, just as we heard about the kids shot down in cold blood? Shot down, I add, because a stupid millionaire PARENT was too busy spoiling her brat into a pampered little monster to supervise the guns in the house.

So we got the Hurley Turds shooting their mouths off. "I was cheated" said the son. The father huffed, "The thing that bothered me most was the way Alex Trebek and the producers treated my son. They were kind of smug."

SMUG? You will hear the evidence in the download below. You be the judge of who has the attitude, Alex Trebek or Thomas Hurley II. You'll hear about 30 seconds of the actual soundtrack....the first and second contestants giving their wrong answers. (The third contestant, who got it right, has been omitted.)

Alex Trebek has always been a class act. He's always soft-spoken and sympathetic even to the most bone-headed contestant. He has great humility and is probably the most respected quiz show host on television. You can hear his disappointment in not being able to credit little Thomas Hurley III because of the error, and explain the "unfortunate" problem with the kid's answer. ("Jeopardy" for those out of the country, sometimes has a special "week" where instead of normal adult contestants, they promote education and sportsmanship by inviting students to compete).

What if the kid wrote "Emancipation Document?" What if the answer was "Abraham Lincoln" and he wrote "Linkin?" Thomas Hurley II whined that his son should've been given credit because "Everyone knew what he meant." Yeah, we know what he meant, and he could've written "A Man So Patient Proclamation" too, but EXACT spelling is the only way you EVER win on "Jeopardy."

Instead, by way of reminder, Hurley Turd losers, here's "I LOST ON JEOPARDY," with the amusing spoken part from the great Don Pardo. Don was the original announcer on the show (which no longer has someone recite all the dubious consolation prizes). Now about 95, he just finished another historic year as the announcer for 'Saturday Night Live.'

Hurley III, be grateful you have the money for a good education, a good home, a good school…and be grateful to be alive, because there are some kids in affluent Newtown younger than you who will never grow up. Because they are dead. And Hurley II, remember a certain affluent Connecticut doctor who lost his wife, and his daughters to fire and rape. He was nearly killed too, by a pair of home invasion thugs. So put all the "I Was Cheated on Jeopardy" clippings and video in a big paper bag and toss it in the trash and try to get some perspective. Be grateful for what YOU have, and maybe spend your time and money on something other than teaching your son how to be self-centered, argumentative and libelous, an attitude-filled pussy who thinks he's so special he should win when the rules say he LOSES.

Here's Thomas Hurley III, Alex Trebek, Don Pardo, and WEIRD AL…all combining for….


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Anonymous said...

I agree. Although, now I'm wondering if this kid was one of the kids supposedly killed in the shooting. This little bitch better pray that he doesn't end up in prison, or he'll truly cry like a baby.