Thursday, September 19, 2013

Greek rapper KILLAH P was KILLED by Neo-Nazi

Things are bad all over.

Yesterday, Pavlos Fissas was murdered. He was a rapper, using the name Killah P.

Submitted for your disapproval, the news that not only are there rappers bellowing in Greek, they are being killed for it! By Nazis. There you are, rappers and Nazis in what was, so many centuries ago, the cradle of civilization.

The economic chaos in Greece is as beyond comprehension as, well, listening to Greek rap. Around here, you say that phrase and people think, "Oh, with Feta, Olives, some lettuce..." no, not a Greek Wrap...

But America, rappers kill EACH OTHER. So things have to be worse in Greece. And they are.

And not helping matters much is the adorably named "Golden Dawn," who as you'd expect, gain their strength by bitching about the economy and blaming the Jews. Or the Egyptians. Or anyone else who isn't like them. They are a right-wing hate group and like the ones in the USA and UK, they have no shortage of willing members who are frightened, angry, and find scapegoating to be the "logical" way out. If ONLY there weren't so many foreigners...

Or...rappers. Guys like KILLAH P, who have a lot to talk about, including a rage against Fascist and neo-Nazi ideology.

Members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn were casting their murderous gaze toward the stage...waiting for the right time to strike at Pavlos Fissas. Meanwhile,they were busy prowling the streets performing thuggish acts on other people and groups they hate.

A week ago, they clashed with competing loonies, the KKE, the Greek Communist Party. Oh, when these two zany groups get together! Last week 30 KKK members attempted to put up posters for their cause...and 50 masked men with Golden Dawn insignia literally beat them back with nail-studded wooden clubs, creating bloody carnage.

And KILLAH P? This was an assassination.

In its way, it's violence against violence. Rap is a violent form of music. It mirrors our times. Rappers are so angry they can't even bother to sing. They have to growl, shout, go into agonized fits of almost psychotic monotony as they describe everything that is wrong with their world. They usually do it over primitive beats. Any normal person listening to it for more than a few minutes is bound to become violent...or violently irritated if it can't be turned off. Whatever KILLAH P was saying violently turned off members of Golden Dawn. They, along with the lunatics in Iran, Iraq and Putinland (where most of Pussy Riot remains in jail) don't like don't like anti-Fascist rap or rock and will go to their usual extremes to silence it.

Some of them DO like punk rock, though. The increasingly powerful Golden Dawn was able to get their man Artemis Matthaiopoulos elected as MP for the town of Serres. Artie likedto sing in his band "Pogrom," and in case you wondered who the group wanted mass-exterminated they sang a little ditty called "Auschwitz" with a line that translates as: "fuck Anne Frank." Still, Artie had plenty of fans, and so does Golden Dawn. Why? It's not just that they preach hate. They GIVE AWAY THINGS FOR FREEEEEEEE.

Yes, you can be a Fascist, a Nazi, someone who doesn't believe in equal rights (whether it's copyright or human life) and if you GIVE AWAY THINGS FOR FREEEEEEE, you can't be all bad. John Gotti knew it when he'd put on free fireworks shows in Little Italy. And Golden Dawn knows it when they distribute food to "the poor." As long as they are Greek. On May 2nd of this year, at Syntagma Square, Golden Dawn turned away immigrants in their "charity" event to give FREEEEEE food to the deserving poor. The mayor wasn't going to tolerate this, and eventually the police had to come in. They were the bad guys, them and their tear gas, ruining the fun. Later that day, thugs from Golden Dawn planned their revenge on the mayor. As he was handing out Easter candles to ALL deserving poor, a neo-Nazi came after him with fists flying. Only he missed the mayor and struck a 12 year-old girl. Which was a shame, because it was a Greek 12 year-old girl. Not a Jewish one of the "fuck Anne Frank" songbook of Artie Matthaiopoulos.

Punching a 12 year-old girl. Knifing a musician. That's Golden Dawn, who were cheering Rudolph Hess as a martyr 50 years ago and have only become more outrageous since.

Read the details on the death of KILLAH P:

Whew. Anything like this happen in America? Can you imagine, oh, the police in Chicago trying to beat up Phil Ochs for singing folk songs at the Democratic convention?

Oh. Bad example. How about Victor Jara...murdered for singing folk songs in Chile? Hmmm...

It's the 21st Century. Or is it? Do we continue to up the ante with ugly music and mass murder, or is there some way of stopping the madness? Supposedly neutral and peaceful countries such as Norway suddenly have neo-Nazi maniacs performing mass-murder. And here's Plato's Greece with a goon squad of "Golden Dawn" madmen on the loose and too strong of a "political party" to be outright banned. America's got plenty of Nazi scum protected by "Freedom of Speech." And there's no shortage of fundamentalist Muslim psychos "hijacking a fine religion" and making people yearn for the good old days of the thugs of India, the cauliflowers (excuse me, the Kali followers) who just outright said,"kill for the love of killing."

If there's any good news coming out of the death of Pavlos Fissas, it's that it brought protests in the streets. Outraged citizens didn't just wear a "Free Pussy Riot" t-shirt on their way to the bar, they joined together and raised their voices and fists. And, naturally, this brought in the tear gas and the police.

Things are bad all over.

And now, to quench your curiosity, here's what Greek rap sounds like.

THE LATE PAVLOS FISSAS...KILLAH P To ανεγκιχτο βασιλειο‬

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