Monday, September 09, 2013! "ALL GOOD PEOPLE" via the VASSAR DEVILS

There's a good reason YES albums are in the dollar pile at thrift shops, or at those "boot sales" where mindless "collectors" wander around with nothing better to do.

YES albums are lousy. In fact, most progrock from that era is lousy, especially the synth stuff.

"Oooh, what a lucky man" you are…if you can still find a sucker to buy an Emerson Lake & Palmer off you!

At this point, now that the drugs have worn off, it's time to admit that the music was never very good. Mostly, it was obnoxious: some clown at the keyboard playing fast-fast-fast like a rabid chimp screaming for bananas…a lead guitar idiot savant choking the neck of the guitar and issuing one strangled high note at the wrong pitch for 30 seconds…the grubby drummer just waiting for his sweaty solo; sounding like a rhino being thrown downstairs.

Back then, most any simpleton set of lyrics would do. Dorm dimwits solemnly sat around mouthing the moronic words like they were giving a prayer for wine...not stuffing junk food down the munchie-hole. But check the words! So often, it was just an inane collection of Alice in Wonderland bullshit, all full of mushrooms and hogweed, or platitudes that thick-as-a-brick bozos were all supposed to live by.

"I've seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way!" Gad. And how many times did they REPEAT that damn line? "Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life. Make the white queen run so fast she hasn't got time to make you a wife. 'Cause it's time is time in time with your time and its news is captured...for the queen to use!"

Profound, huh, Mr. Natural?

You need more? Here's "All Good People," a cappella from the appropriately named VASSAR DEVILS. These babes made some sort of deal in Hell: no wayward synth. No dimwit drums. No loopy lead guitar…just the lyrics carefully chanted with almost enough magic force to "surround yourself with yourself….'Cause it's time is time in time with your time and its news is captured...for the queen to use! Diddit diddit diddit diddit diddit diddit diddit didda…""

A Capella ALL GOOD PEOPLE…by those bad, bad VASSAR DEVILS


Anonymous said...

um, you are dumb

Ill Folks said...

Dumb for disliking Yes? No!

All seriousness aside, this is (or tries to be) an opinionated funny blog. Millions of people have bought Yes songs. I wouldn't call them dumb.

There are other words, though.

Anonymous said...

I heard Yes on SiriusXM yesterday and was asking myself - what are people thinking?
Music for the sophisticated douchebag.

Anonymous said...

YES is really talented. Ever heard "Roundabout," "Starship Trooper" or "Heart of the Sunrise?" Those songs rock! Chris Squire is an excellent bass player. I could never play like that. YES uses variations on a theme and links seemingly unrelated musical riffs with melodic bridges. They use counterpoint. It's like baroque and classical plus prog rock. Even Yngwie Malmsteen, the best guitar player of all time, likes YES.

Ill Folks said...

Thanks for the comment, B.P. - Yes, I've heard "Roundabout," it was unavoidable. All the DJ's were playing it (except me). I was also not a big fan of E.L.P. - I thought a lot of what they did was Music 101. In a previous generation there were people who insisted Liberace was actually a fine pianist who at least could be mentioned in the same breath as Van Cliburn. Generally I don't slag easy targets, and there's plenty to tolerate with a lot of progrock acts. Or as Randy Newman sang it, "I love that E.L.O.!" I don't question the musicianship of these people. "I could never play like that" either! The particular Yes song in question...I suppose a lot of good people love it. Am I one of '

Greg Aldridge said...

They were very well trained and used a variety strong compositional techniques. In the end, their writing, while complex was weak, hookless, and without charm. I lived through it somehow. It was just pompous, self-centered and awful.