Wednesday, January 29, 2014


If the punk didn't have bodyguards around him 24-7 this spoiled brat would've gotten some sense beaten into him.

Enough is enough. If he can't be punched, he can be kicked out of the country.

Here's the petition to Revoke the Brat's Green Card.

Seriously. Go ahead sign up and sign it. Happily, we're over the 100,000 needed, but adding to it just increases the fun!

The Biebs can't go a day without having his fucking name in the news? Then have it for "President Obama has received a petition to kick the snotty bastard back to Canada..."

Bieber's become the #1 male celebrity you love to hate. Only, enough is enough. Just GO AWAY Justin. And take Justin Timberlake with you...just because we don't need so many shitty songs sung by white assholes pretending to be black.

In Bieber's case, this is a jerk who has also been ripping off Michael Jackson for too long. It was one thing when he was just a silly-haired puppy, the new generation's Donny Osmond. Then he started the bad dancing, the crotch-grabbing, and looking like an ass-hat with a silly cap perched like a bubble atop his brainless skull.

Add being a wussy twerp who talks big when surrounded by his posse of drug-addled suck-ups. Add walking around with no shirt. Add annoying his neighbors with his loud parties, being a frat boy moron pissing in public, add a pointless curse at Bill Clinton, add throwing eggs like an 8 year-old snot nose at Halloween, add being a cynical greedhead selling overpriced perfume to little kids who are bankrupting their parents for him...and dozens and dozens of other offenses.

Oh yes, and add that every fucking time he gets into trouble, he sobs, "I'm just a kid." Then an hour later, he's back out partying with his homeys and whores and his dumbass father. Like his lookalike, Viley Virus, this is a poor role model. He's also a no-talent. He's also obnoxious and part of a trend of teen-pests that needs to be STOPPED. Maybe if he's out of the fucking country, the idiot media, his enablers in poor taste and bad behavior, will have to take it down a notch and stop encouraging brainless brats to prance over the line in falling-down pants or no panties at all.

Some say there should be an intervention...that Justin needs to have somebody step in and give him a good talking to. Well, he has parents, hasn't he? David Letterman and Bill Clinton have talked to the punk. He's going to listen to sobering words from Flava Flav?

People whine, "He's going to self-destruct if he doesn't get help." Yeah? So what's the big deal if he does self-destruct? We're not losing anyone with talent. Consider that the great "King of Pop" Michael Jackson is best remembered for his dopey moonwalk, and for only 2 or 3 decent songs: "Billie Jean," "I Want You Back" (when he was squealing with the Jackson 5) and "Bad." How many other songs of Michael's aren't dated? Even "Thriller" is no longer a thrill. Bieber hasn't done anything worth remembering at all. So who the fuck cares if he overdoses, runs a car into a tree, or gets AIDS from a Brazilian whore? Not me. That's why this blog offers him some lines from Homer and Jethro:

Drop dead, little darlin' drop dead!
Fall asleep smokin' cigarettes in bed.
Try and stop a locomotive with your head.
Drop dead, little darlin' DROP DEAD.

Sign the petition!

HOMER AND JETHRO your download of Drop DEAD Little Darlin'

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