Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What, you don't hate Justin Bieber? Or Viley Virus?

You've got to hate somebody. Or something. Kim Kardashian? Geico TV commercials? Commercials for dysfunctional genitalia male or female, with half the ad devoted to all the side effects of taking the medication? Speeches from incompetent politicians? Racists? Religious fanatics?

Here's a generic "I HATE YOU" song that goes on for two and a half minutes. Play it when you're fed up with anyone in the news from Kanye West to Kim Jung-un.

If it wasn't for bandwidth, I would've made this a half hour, so you could work out to it, or just leave it blasting as you escape a family member. Or retaliate against a noisy neighbor who plays shitty Eminem music all day or has a barking dog.

"I Hate U" is the name of da tune...which is also a reminder that you shouldn't stay in the past and listen to the fucking Beach Boys all day long. While there isn't all that much out there that's any good (just check out who won Grammy Awards!) there's a few good artists out there, and some worthy music. As for Simon Curtis, well, an obnoxious "I Hate U" techno-rap serves a good purpose. A loop of W.C. Fields muttering "I Hate You" might be a little too humorous. THIS thing ain't.

As for "Ill Folks Mix," that may imply a lot of effort, but at the moment I don't have that technology handy. I'm still learning my digital 8-track. All I did was cut out the blab (Simon was putting the hate on some bee-atch, of course) and leaving just the "I Hate U" lines, and doing some speed-balling (at some points I made him a bit pitchy, dawg).

Suffice it to say that anyone on the receiving end of "I Hate U" will hate it! Dat's da point, yo!

I Hate U (Ill Folks Mix) your download of Simon Curtis No egocentric password to type in. No "tip jar" request. No idiot capcha codes. No use of a "service" that wants you to pay to be a "premium" member for faster downloads…or that pays uploaders to steal from artists.

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