Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bobby "Boris" Pickett MONSTER SLASH

Bobby "Boris" Pickett had a good sense of humor...he'd tour monster conventions and do oldies shows offering "a medley of my hit." Despite many novelty attempts (including a Christmas single "Monster's Holiday" that also failed via a Lon Chaney Jr. cover version, and "Monster Motion," his attempt at a Bela Lugosi horror-dance hit) he never did rise beyond the status of "one hit wonder."
BUT...that one hit actually hit the charts three times, and will continue to be played every Halloween.
It might even be a hit again, although he won't know about it. He died of leukemia a few days ago, April 25th.
Even his obit was sort of a gag-line: "Bobby Boris Pickett Dies at 69." Yeah, it sucks. Well, rather than offer you any of the Pickett songs you probably know, or ones you're better off not knowing ("Monster Rap" for example), here's one of his last recordings, the environ-mental "Monster Slash." Mindful of his daughter and grandchildren's future, Bobby lent his support to an ecology group raising awareness of George Bush's policies on ecology:
"We were hiking in the forest late one night. When our eyes beheld an eerie sight. Our president appeared and began to frown. Then he and his friends cut the forest down...They did the Slash! They did the FOREST SLASH. It was brutally brash. Public opinion was mashed. And they did it for the cash..."

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