Monday, April 09, 2007

BONO "Not in the Beatles" MINE SONG

A rare illfolks bootleg recording. Here's Bono trying to get the crowd to shut up and listen to his earnest cover version of "Ballad of Springhill." Bono, always interested in political issues, first heard the song via The Dubliners version. He first performed the song on television back in March of 1987 as a tribute to the leader of The Dubliners. Here, a month later, he performs it in concert in the United States.

The crowd isn't exactly paying attention to the stentorian minor key lament about Nova Scotia miners, so Bono shouts, "Shut up for a second, will ya? And stop whistlin', I'm not in the Beatles, this is U2 here." That's enough to settle the fans down. They seem to follow along with the solemn, terrifying tale of the miners trapped in the Canadian mine, and greet the ending with enthusiastic cheers.
BONO sings SPRINGHILL. Instant download or listen on line.

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