Thursday, April 19, 2007

WATER ON THE MOON Prof. Liviu Librescu

The reports said that the 23 year-old kid was armed with a Glock and a Walther .22-caliber; two guns and enough ammunition to fire 30 rounds without having to re-load. When he came to the classroom door, he was met by 76 year-old Professor Liviu Librescu.
He "blocked the doorway with his body and asked the students to flee. Students started opening windows and jumping out." Professor Librescu, a Holocaust survivor, did not survive the Virginia Tech massacre.
He was the head of the Engineering Science and Mechanics Department. He was born in Romania, found his way to Israel, and ultimately made his home in America.
Anyone grieving over the death of a loved one would benefit from owning the concept album about love and loss entitled "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth." It's by Cindy Bullens, and on this track Rodney Crowell is on harmony vocals.
Prof. Librescu was a man of science, so I chose "Water on the Moon." Cindy was inspired by the news of this discovery to ponder whether the body or the soul can materialize again, somehow, someplace. This entry is not about celebrating a hero, it's about losing a man, which is what his friends, family and students did on a bad day in April of 2007. The song is about grief.
"If they find water on the moon
If they discover life on Mars
Does it mean you'll be home soon?
Can I hold you in my arms?
I want to believe in miracles."
In memorium. Liviu Librescu. Water on the Moon

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