Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ANCIENT ASIAN POP: Wooly Bully & Wong

Ancient Asian pop music!
Here are two examples of the joys to be found in the exotica bin of your local Chinatown thrift shop.
Rita Chao? She was like French ye-ye or American go-go.
You'll recognize one phrase here: "Wooly Bully."
The needle stays in the groove for the next track, Rita's take on the Herman's Hermits classic, "I'm Into Something Good."
They could be Chao main hits, but the tasty songstress probably had many more.

Wong Shiau Chuen issued over a dozen albums in her "Golden Voice of..." series.
I bought all I could find years ago, because she DOES have a golden voice.
She sounds like something off the soundtrack to "MASH," or a scene from a bad re-make of "Charlie Chan" as #1 son visits a Chinatown shop looking for his aging pop while stereotypical Asian pop plays in the background. You get a typical sing-song melody that is all sharps and flats, mated to clip-clop chopstick percussion and some silly twanging from The Stylers, a back-up group no threat to The Ventures. Above it all, Wong's sweet voice shimmers oh so gently.

Pass the tea; no need for sympathy, since these ladies were stars then, and when you hear them, stars again.

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